Jan 5 2016

Convincing the Young to Blame the Old, Not the Rich

Princeton students protest the honoring of Woodrow Wilson (photo Julio Cortez/AP)

Rather than talking about how the rich raise the cost of our healthcare, the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell wants us to be upset at seniors.

Dec 21 2015

WaPo Touts the ‘Independence’ of the Banker-Dominated Fed

Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC (cc photo: Dan Smith/Wikimedia)

The Washington Post’s ability to treat the Fed as a neutral party is striking when the evidence is so overwhelming in the opposite direction.

Nov 23 2015

‘You Cannot Build a Strong Economy on a Falling Wage Floor’

CounterSpin interview with Holly Sklar on minimum wage economics

Holly Sklar (image: BillMoyers.com)

“You need people to have enough wages to be able to buy what they need. And if you are going to have a growing middle class, you need people to be able to buy more than just the bare necessities.”

Nov 20 2015

David Brooks’ ‘$120,000 Vacation’ Is No Joke

Bosphorus cruise (photo: Thibault Montamat)

Is New York Times columnist David Brooks seriously regaling readers with talk of his “spectacularly expensive hopscotch” on a “self-contained luxury caravan”?

Nov 13 2015

Holly Sklar on Minimum Wage Economics, Nicholas Kusnetz on State Government Transparency

Pro-minimum wage business owner

Media usually present the minimum wage issue as workers vs. business, but we’ll get a different angle from Holly Sklar of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. Plus: What journalists can do about transparency and accountability in state government.

Nov 12 2015

When Thomas Friedman Ridicules Campaign Economics, the Joke’s on Him

Bernie Sanders,Hillary Clinton debate

While there is much to ridicule in promises being put forward by the presidential candidates, the items to which Thomas Friedman devoted his column don’t fit the bill.

Nov 5 2015

Washington Post’s (Very) Rough Guide to Denmark

Miss Denmark in Tokyo (photo: Toru Yamanaka/AFP)

The Washington Post decided to correct the positive image of Denmark that Sen. Bernie Sanders and others have been giving it in recent months. But some of the assertions in its piece are either misleading or inaccurate.

Oct 9 2015

Democrats Depend on Affluent Voters? That’s Rich

Thomas Edsall (image: PBS)

While New York Times’ columnist Thomas Byrne Edsall’s claim that the Democratic base no longer tilts to the working class is false, the idea that the Democratic Party has shifted its policies to attract more money from the wealthy is all too true.