Aug 1 2006

The ‘Cheat Sheets’

[Note: This piece is a sidebar to “Subverting, Not Preserving, Democracy.”]   One of the many issues raised in Rep. John Conyers’ report on the 2004 Ohio election but not tackled in the press was the accusation that the electronic voting company Triad had provided a “cheat sheet” for election officials participating in the Ohio recount, with the intent of artificially jibing results to avoid further scrutiny. In a sworn affidavit, Sherole Eaton, who in 2004 was the deputy director of the Board of Elections in Hocking County, Ohio, claimed that a representative from Triad had come to assist her […]

Jul 1 2006

Move Over–Over and Over

Media’s rightward push for Democrats

It’s an article of faith in the elite ranks of journalism: Political virtue and electoral success reside in the ideological center. Though it’s not overwhelmingly popular with the American public, centrism is the dominant message of national political pundits and journalists—at least for Democrats. While few commentators would disagree with the conventional wisdom that Republican success depends on the care and feeding of the GOP’s conservative base—GOP leaders would laugh at them if they did—pundits who make the same argument for the Democrats are virtually non-existent in national media. Instead, many of the most prominent political journalists in the country […]

Jul 1 2006

Sidebar: Another Clinton?

[Note: this piece is a sidebar to Move Over—Over and Over: Media’s rightward push for Democrats] So who do political reporters now expect to close the “cultural gap” that supposedly prevents Democrats from winning at the polls? Many look to Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who represents many of the centrist qualities media insiders prescribe for Democratic electoral success. Newsweek’s Howard Fineman (11/21/05) wrote that Kaine “provided a road map into the cultural mainstream for national Democrats.” The Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt (2/20/06) described Kaine as an advocate of “pragmatic politics, stressing sound management and moderate bipartisanship over ideology.” Hiatt advised […]

May 12 2006

David Sirota on ‘Hostile Takeover’, Tim Redmond on MediaNews

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: big money and big corruption in Washington. It’s not a new story, but a new book tries to tackle the latest scandals in Washington. We’ll speak to David Sirota about his book Hostile Takeover, and about what kind of advice pundits will be giving the Democrats this election year. Also this week: The breakup of the Knight Ridder newspaper chain may well result in MediaNews, a newspaper company owned by Dean Singleton, having something approaching a monopoly on San Francisco Bay Area newspapers. We’ll talk to Tim Redmond the editor of the Bay Guardian, […]