Jan 01 2001

Media Passed by Jesse Jackson

. . . And passed up a great story

The media’s denial about potential disenfranchisement in Florida is cloaked in the denigration of Jesse Jackson. In lockstep media commentary, Jackson was depicted as a crazed black man on the corner, so nuts that cab drivers, the editors steering the news, had every justification to pass him up. On CNN (11/9/00), Jackson was “fomenting turbulence” with his “rent-a-riot.’’ In the Providence Journal (11/17/00), Jackson was one of the “exhibitionist demagogues.’’ A Washington Post column (William Raspberry, 11/18/00) asked, “Why didn’t someone prevail upon Jesse Jackson, as much in the dark as the rest of us, to stop exciting racial passions?,’’ […]

Jan 01 2001

Election Night Meltdown

Media monopoly contributed to exit-poll errors

No sign of journalistic caution attended the pulsating graphic Fox News flashed across screens late on Election Night 2000: George Walker Bush, 43rd President of the United States Tom Brokaw was no more circumspect in interrupting NBC’s broadcast to announce, “George Herbert—George Walker Bush wins!” And CBS’s Dan Rather left no doubt when he announced: “Sip it, savor it, cup it, photostat it, underline it in red, press it in a book, put it in an album, hang it on the wall. George W. Bush is the next president of the United States.” Rather had earlier made the unfortunate boast, […]