Jan 01 2007


Bush’s Supportive Opponents New York Times military correspondent Michael Gordon claimed (12/4/06) that “no military expert was more forthright in opposing the Iraq War than [retired marine Gen.] Anthony C. Zinni”—who now wants more troops sent to Iraq. But Zinni was quoted in the Washington Post (2/2/03) shortly before the invasion as saying, “I don’t object to military action against Saddam; in fact, we should have done it a long time ago.” He characterized his objections to the Bush administration’s strategy as based on timing. Earlier (11/15/06), Gordon wrote a piece headlined “Get Out of Iraq Now? Not So Fast, […]

Jan 01 2007

The Pitfalls and Promise of Progressive Talk

Surviving and thriving on the left end of the radio spectrum

Surviving and thriving on the left end of the radio spectrumAlthough progressive hosts like Michael Jackson and Bernie Ward have been around for years, progressive talk as a recognized format began in 2004, when Air America Radio was born and the Jones Radio Networks began to syndicate Fargo, N.D.-based Ed Schultz nationally. Since then, the format has attracted major newsmakers, big-name politicians and famous authors. But it hasn’t won over many media critics, who keep insisting the format has no future. Other than an occasional profile of a well-known host like Schultz or Al Franken, what little mainstream media attention […]

Jan 01 2007

From Official Claims to Media Reality

Editor's Note

Editor’s NoteThe Washington Post website early on December 9 featured three headlines that committed the same journalistic error: They treated as fact things that were revealed in the articles that they linked to as disputed claims. In each case, the effect was to treat assertions made by U.S. government officials as undisputed reality. One headline was “Officials Not Liable for Detainee Torture.” When you clicked on it, you found the more accurate headline “U.S. Denies Liability in Torture Case: Attorney Urges Dismissal of Detainee Suit Against Officials.” In other words, officials said they don’t want to be liable for detainee […]

Jan 01 2007

Invading Grenada

Selling the modern era’s first ‘pre-emptive’ war

Grenada warehouse (DoD/Wikimedia)

Urgent Fury, carried out 20 years before Operation Iraqi Freedom, has faded from public and political memory. Yet there is much to be remembered, as there are many cogent parallels between Grenada and Iraq.

Jan 01 2007

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Highlights from FAIR’s 20th anniversary event

Highlights from FAIR’s 20th anniversary eventI did a public forum in New Haven last week, and someone noted that FAIR was formed before even the Internet was big, and I corrected her and I said, actually, we were formed before the fax machine was big. And I remember when we got our first fax machine, how it made it so much easier to get under the skin of the Tom Brokaws and the Ted Koppels and the New York Times editors. So imagine how well FAIR is doing on that score now that we have 45,000 people on the activist […]

Jan 01 2007

Letters to the Editor

Truly Perplexed I am truly perplexed by your six-page bombardment, “Are You on the News-Hour Guestlist?” (9-10/06), which argues the program represents “those in power rather than the public PBS is obliged to serve,” that it “mocks the original mandate of public television . . . to be as a forum for debate and controversy . . . and provide a voice for groups in the community that may otherwise be unheard.” Who better to discuss issues of the day than those intimately involved—as long as both sides are presented? Which NewsHour does, in just one hour of the PBS […]

Jan 01 2007

Yesterday’s Tomorrows

A cartoon history of two decades of media criticism

A cartoon history of two decades of media criticismSo, happy 20th birthday to FAIR. Time really flies when you’re trying to counter an inexhaustible onslaught of lies and distortions, doesn’t it? Because that’s essentially what FAIR does: They try to set the record straight. Which sounds really simple in theory, but how do you even begin to have the most basic conversation about corporate media bias when a substantial number of Americans believe the media are controlled by a far-left conspiracy funded by George Soros, whose only objective is to destroy our very way of life? Why do you all […]

Jan 01 2007

Victorious Dems Lectured by Media Establishment

Morning-after pundits take winners to task

Morning-after pundits take winners to taskRight after Democrats won back control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections, pundits from major news outlets had, as one would expect, substantial amounts of political criticism for the party that faced major losses. What was most remarkable was the amount of tactical criticism and caution directed at the party that won major gains. The center wins Expanding upon a preferred theme of their pre-election coverage (Extra! Update, 12/06), political commentators providing the initial analyses of the election for the nation’s most influential news outlets downplayed the progressive aspects of the victory, characterizing the […]