Jul 1 1995

Liddy’s Lethal Advice

Red Meat for Republican Voters?

The outrage over the remarks by syndicated radio talkshow host G. Gordon Liddy regarding the best way to kill BATF agents (“head shots” and the rest) overlooks an important point of the timing of those remarks–in the late summer and fall of 1994. In an election year where Republicans smelled political blood in the water, it was vital to encourage a massive voter turnout for their side. Tapping in to rising voter anger with government would be a key to victory, and few things made some in the public angrier than the debacle at Waco. Liddy places the blame for […]

Jul 1 1995

Talk Radio on Oklahoma City: Don’t Look at Us

G. Gordon Liddy

Bill Clinton was roundly condemned by right-wing talk radio hosts and their allies for “politicizing” the Oklahoma City bombing, but his basic point is undeniable: There is much speech on the radio today that advocates or justifies violence.

Jul 1 1995

The Oklahoma City Bombing: The Jihad That Wasn’t

Rescue workers search the remains of the Murrah Building in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing (photo: FEMA)

In the wake of the explosion that destroyed the Murrah Federal Office Building, the media rushed—almost en masse—to the assumption that the bombing was the work of Muslim extremists.

Jul 1 1995

The Spotlight’s Influence Grows in the Dark


Abstract Researchers who monitor hate propaganda have watched The Spotlight expandits emphasis from stories about Zionist banking conspiracies and the “myth”of the Holocaust to favorable coverage of the militias and neo-Nazi groupslike the Aryan Nation. “The Spotlight fosters and promotes and reflects themilitia’s worldview,” says one researcher of contemporary fascistmovements. The Spotlight is “a bridge between the racialist right and theparamilitary right and the far right in Congress.” [ Next | Previous | July ’95 | FAIR | Mail/Suggest | Index ] Extra! July/August 1995

Jul 1 1995

Homophobia, Racism and Sexism?

The Connections Are Clear to Far Right

After the Oklahoma City bombing, the New York Times (4/24/95) reported surprise at the existence of right-wing terror-gangs: “New Images of Terror… A suspect, a white drifter, evokes new fear.” But right-wing terror is hardly surprising to those who’ve been on the receiving end of it over the years; nor would the pale image of the suspect have been “new” to mainstream readers if media had been doing their job covering hate crimes. There were 2,064 homophobia-motivated acts of violence in nine U.S. cities last year; according to New York’s Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, anti-gay hate crimes are the […]

Jul 1 1995

TV Lets Corporations Pull Green Wool Over Viewers’ Eyes

“How come the cars on television commercials can’t seem to find the road?” my Aunt Sue asked me a couple of years ago. Indeed, TV cars and trucks are found splashing through creeks, climbing rocky slopes, parked in wetlands, invading deserts and even perched on needlelike pinnacles, but rarely are they shown actually driving down a road. Chevrolet took this so far a few years ago that one of its print ads, with the title “Wetlands Conservation,” proudly proclaimed, “Chevy S-10 Blazer 4-Door. It takes to wetlands like a duck to water.” TV watchers everywhere must be similarly confused with […]

Jul 1 1995

Islam: Fundamental Misunderstandings About a Growing Faith

There are approximately 5 million Muslims in the U.S. — nearly as many as there are Jews, and more than there are Episcopalians. Early in the next century, Islam will probably be the largest non-Christian religion in the country (L.A. Times, 12/17/94). Yet there’s rarely a mention of Muslims in the media that doesn’t have to do with violence. In day-to-day coverage, they are largely absent; Muslim festivals like Ramadan often come and go with little note. The media is so full of reports on the “Islamic threat” from “radical Muslim terrorists” plotting “Islamic fundamentalist violence,” one could excuse the […]

Jul 1 1995

The ‘Experts’ Speak

Some of the most cited anti-terrorism sources--and their “credentials”

Steve Emerson: Emerson is a journalist (late of U.S. News & World Report and CNN) noted for his anonymous U.S. and Israeli intelligence sources (Extra!, 10-11/92, 11-12/93). These sources led him to announce, in the wake of the World Trade Center explosion, that the “bomber or bombers may be from one of the former Yugoslav republics.” (CNN, 3/2/93) That embarrassing error did not teach him caution: When the Murrah federal building was bombed, he immediately began insisting that all signs pointed to Muslim extremists. There’s more than a little bigotry in Emerson’s obsession with Muslim terrorists. To him, the fact […]