Jul 01 2007


O’Reilly: NBC “Jazzed” About Kids’ Deaths A new study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism (5/25/07) found that over a 10-week period in 2006, Fox spent less time covering the Iraq War than either CNN or MSNBC—half as much time compared to the latter. In response to the “big deal” that “the liberal press has made” out of this finding, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly retorted (6/19/07), “I want the USA to stabilize that country and deal a huge blow to terrorism worldwide, but not everybody in the media feels that way.” As an example, O’Reilly claimed NBC Nightly News […]

Jul 01 2007

CounterSpin Interview: Ali Abunimah on Gaza

'It's the exact opposite of a coup'

In November 2004, a New York Times article on Palestinian elections (11/14/04) stated, “The post-Arafat era will be the latest test of a quintessentially American article of faith: that elections provide legitimacy even to the frailest institutions.” The “faith” that elites in the press and in government have in such elections is tested when the results cut against U.S. wishes, as happened when Hamas prevailed over Fatah in Palestinian elections in 2006. As a result, the White House pursued a policy of punishing Palestinians for their disobedience by attempting to prevent Hamas from participating in the Palestinian government. That only […]

Jul 01 2007

Letters to the Editor

A Little Learning I am struck by the fact that George Will referred derisively to those who believe in global warming (which includes, of course, the vast majority of scientists) as “climate Cassandras” in a February 12 Newsweek column (Extra!, 5-6/07). Can it be that Will doesn’t know that in Greek mythology, Cassandra was endowed with the gift of accurate prophecy—but cursed by the gods never to be believed? Joanne Gruber New York, N.Y. Something to ANSWER For Did a bit of the New York Times rub off on its former reporter Frances Cerra Whittelsey? I don’t know, but it […]