Jun 1 1993

Lesbian Lock-Out

Just what do lesbians have to do to get a photo on the front page of the Washington Post? When thousands of gay women roared past the White House the day before the big lesbian and gay civil rights march April 25, fire-eaters did their thing in front of the Clinton home. Some were bare-breasted, some revved motorcycles, whistles pierced the air….The Lesbian Avengers had arrived and taken over. But gay men still got the cover. The Lesbian Avengers, a new national group intent on direct action in the tradition of ACT UP, have hit the scene just as many […]

Jun 1 1993

Hate on Tape

The video strategy of the religious right

It was the military and the media that made The Gay Agenda popular, says Bill Horn, once a CBS sportscaster, now video maker for the Springs of Life charismatic Christian church that produced the tape. “Since The Gay Agenda was featured on Larry King Live and ABC World News Tonight, calls have poured in on the 1-800 sales number requesting a copy,” boast the producers. After appearing on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club with clips, Horn says he gets 500 requests a day. The Gay Agenda poses as a teaching tape, revealing what Horn calls the “hidden” side of gay life. […]

Jun 1 1993

Ask Not What Gays Will Do to the Military

Ask what the military is doing to gays

The debate over repealing the military’s prohibition of homosexuality—not so much a question of “letting gays in,” as it was sometimes described, but a matter of ending discrimination against the thousands of gay men and lesbians already in the armed forces—has been peculiarly limited. The reasons military leaders give for maintaining the ban were often front and center—usually couched in terms like “privacy,” “discipline,” “morale.” But only sometimes were advocates for gay rights given an adequate chance to respond. The second paragraph of a front-page New York Times story on the controversy (1/26/93) cited Gen. Colin Powell and others as […]

Jun 1 1993

In the Life

PBS Keeps Its Distance From Gay Programming

Once a month, In the Life broadcasts on 60 public television stations throughout the country, reaching an estimated audience of 4 million. The independently produced half-hour variety show, sponsored by New York City PBS affiliate WNET, is the nation’s first nationally distributed, gay-oriented television show. In the Life began broadcasting in 1992, the culmination of more than a decade of efforts by executive producer John Scagliotti to bring programming to the country’s gay population. Enthusiastic audience response attests to the show’s importance to a constituency beleaguered by right-wing violence and threats. The show offers practically the only consistently positive image […]