Mar 01 2011

‘Balancing Act’ Comes Down on Side of Dictatorship

On Egypt, pundits not sure democracy is so great

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/FreedomHouseDC

On Egypt, pundits not sure democracy is so greatThe political context of the current Egyptian uprising is clear: The United States has steadfastly supported dictator Hosni Mubarak, whose rule has been marked by sham elections and the jailing and torture of dissidents, propping up his regime since 1981 with some $60 billion in aid, most of it military (Congressional Research Service, 2/1/11). But since U.S. corporate media are accustomed to viewing international affairs through the lens of U.S. elite interests, much of the early coverage elided the nature of Washington’s role, presenting the crisis as a “tightrope” balancing act for […]