Mar 01 2005

John Hess, 1917-2005

Editor's Note

John Hess

This issue’s cover story concerns the late journalist Gary Webb, but another reporter’s recent death was just as great a loss. John Hess, a great reporter and a great friend of FAIR, died on January 21 at the age of 87. John used to say that the term “investigative reporter” was redundant, because all reporters are supposed to be investigators, rather than simply parroting what people in power were saying. On one issue he was nearly alone in showing skepticism: As far back as the 1980s, John was debunking claims of a “crisis” in Social Security, pointing out how such […]

Mar 01 2005

The Return of Deep Throat

Now he's a mainstream journalist, leaking stories to the alternative press

I remember the excitement I felt some years ago, working in Los Angeles at the L.A. Daily News or at TV station KCET, as I’d pursue a hot story—the corruption of a blatantly racist school board member, say, or the shooting of unarmed people by the LAPD. There was always the story itself, of course, but there was also the sense that if you didn’t get it in and get it right, you’d be beaten by the competition—usually the L.A. Times, in my case, or one of the local TV stations, which back in the 1970s still did a little […]

Mar 01 2005


If I Do Say So Myself Fox News’ commentary on George W. Bush’s second inaugural address (1/20/05) included Weekly Standard editor William Kristol praising Bush for “a very eloquent speech…one of the most powerful speeches, one of the most impressive speeches, I think I’ve seen an American president give.” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer was also on hand to call the speech “revolutionary” and compare Bush to John F. Kennedy. Somehow both Kristol and Krauthammer forgot to mention that they had been called in as advisers to help craft the speech they now marveled at as a work of genius, […]