May 1 1989

NBC: The GE Broadcasting Co.

RCA Building (cc photo: Alan Wu)

This is the second in a series on media corporations by the editor of Left Business Observer.

May 1 1989

Public TV Censorship Under Fire

Jo Franklin-Trout's Days of Rage

The PBS affiliate owned by the City of New Tork, WNYC-TV, has become the target of protests over its suppression of two national programs–the weekly investigative news show the Kwitny Report, and the documentary Days of Rage.

May 1 1989

So Sayeth Newsweek on Crime

In a cover story on crack (11/28/88), Newsweek tells us that the residents of America’s “Crack Nation” are both poor and black and white and middle class. Yet when I looked at the pictures, conspicuously missing were the white and middle-class residents that Newsweek assured me also lived there. The blacks were profiled in the usual flattering postures that the media delight in showing us. They were in handcuffs, stretched out on the ground, spread-eagle against a wall, in court, marching off to prisons and drug wards. The media have made it abundantly clear that, except for a stray Asian […]