May 1 1991

Will the “New Hitler” Have a Beard?

The same hawish pundits who so successfully demonized Saddam Hussein are now looking for a new target. For most, the demon of choice is an old foe: Fidel Castro. Georgie Ann Geyer, an old cold warrior with a new biography out on Castro, gave the Today show (3/4/91) a description of Castro that seemed remarkably similar to the dirt dished out by unnamed U.S. officials on Khadafy, Noriega and Saddam: of “illegitimate” birth, he abused his first wife, admired Hitler and Mussolini for their power and toted Mein Kampf around with him. The interview–more like a monologue–concluded with Geyer speculating […]

May 1 1991

U.N.-Reliable Figures

In the wake of the Gulf War, a New York Timeseditorial (4/15/91) claimed that since the end of the Cold War, the U.N. Security Council is “no longer paralyzed by Soviet vetoes.” The comment shows that Cold War propaganda lives on: For years, it hasn’t been the USSR that has been paralyzing the Security Council, but the USA. Since the beginning of the Reagan administration, the U.S. has led the world with 47 vetoes of council resolutions. In the same time period, Britain used the veto 15 times and France cast seven. The USSR, constantly blamed in the U.S. press […]

May 1 1991

‘Slaughter’ Is Something Other Countries Do

Washington Post post-Gulf War graphic

The end of saturation coverage of the Gulf War has left some journalists feeling nostalgic. “Mark Thompson, defense correspondent for Knight-Ridder Newspapers, says his days feel shapeless without the comforting rhythm of the morning briefing from Riyadh and the afternoon session at the Pentagon,” according to the Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz (3/25/91). “There’s nothing better for a journalist than to know what the story of the day is,” Thompson told Kurtz. “The worst thing for reporters is to mope around sifting through ashes looking for a story, and that’s what everyone is doing now.” Thompson should be pleased with coverage […]