Nov 01 1994

Is the Entire Press Corrupt?

Editor’s Note: George Seldes is one of the premier journalists and press critics of the 20th Century. In his reporting on World War I, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Fascism and the Spanish Civil War, he always displayed a commitment to telling the whole truth — which often got him into trouble. From 1940 to 1950, he published In fact, the first American magazine of media criticism, which inspired I.F. Stone’s Weekly. A member of FAIR’s advisory board, Seldes at 103 years of age is still raising hell. A collection of his writings, The George Seldes Reader, has just […]

Nov 01 1994

Felons on the Air

Does GE's Ownership of NBC Violate the Law?

General Electric‘s ownership of the NBC TV network has been in the news in recent months. As Extra! went to press, companies like Time Warner, Disney, ITT and Turner Broadcasting have reportedly been negotiating to either buy NBC outright or enter into some kind of partnership with GE. But a little-noted aspect of communications law raises questions about GE‘s ownership of NBC‘s broadcast licenses — and its ability to sell those licenses to another company. Shady Characters The Federal Communications Act of 1934 created the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the airwaves, which are considered public property. The act states […]