Nov 01 1994

Fraudulent Reporting

U.S. Media on the Mexican Election

U.S. Media on the Mexican ElectionThe August 21 Mexican elections, which the U.S. media have characterized as “generally fair and clean” (New York Times, 9/27/94) despite widespread protests to the contrary, have presented establishment media in the U.S. with a serious problem: how to make people believe that a ruling party, which could only win elections through massive fraud in good times, could suddenly win an honest election by a landslide — after reducing workers’ real wages by 30 percent in the six-year administration of incumbent President Carlos Salinas, as the New York Times itself has quietly acknowledged in articles […]

Nov 01 1994


The article “The ‘Stolen Feminism’ Hoax” in the September/October ’94 issue of Extra! misstated the number of seats on the National Council on the Humanities board. There are 26 seats on the board. President George Bush made eight appointments to the board, of whom three were members of the National Association of Scholars. The September/October issue also stated that the U.S. Constitution was written in 1789. It was actually written in 1787, and ratified in 1789. In the same issue, a City Paper reporter was incorrectly identified. His name is Bill Gifford. Extra! November/December 1994