Nov 01 1994

A Question of Fairness: Will FCC Let Both Sides Be Heard on Smoking Initiative?

The Bork-Scalia Decision

As this issue of Extra! reaches subscribers, Californians will be going to the polls, voting not only for political candidates but on a variety of ballot initiatives. One of these initiatives, Proposition 188, was placed on the ballot by a group with the healthy-sounding name of “Californians for Statewide Smoking Restrictions.” But don’t let the name fool you: These “anti-smoking” Californians are a front for the Philip Morris Company — displaying the same flair for packaging that it shows when it markets the Marlboro Man. Philip Morris’ initiative would eliminate local smoking ordinances, replacing them with a watered-down statewide standard. […]

Nov 01 1994


Fund-Raising Tall Tales “If you enjoyed Tales of the City and you’d like to see more programming like that, please become a member,” host Rafael PiRoman declared during a fund drive for New York PBS affiliate WNET (9/13/94). PiRoman didn’t mention that PBS, in the face of right-wing attacks, has refused to fund the sequel to Tales of the City, the popular drama about San Francisco life — gay and straight — in the ’70s. Nor did he say that Tales fans might be better off saving their money to pay for cable: The show’s producers had just announced (Boston […]