Nov 01 1994

The ‘Hush Rush’ Hoax

Limbaugh on the Fairness Doctrine

“I, Rush Limbaugh, the poster boy of free speech, am being gang muzzled.” The broadcaster was crying censorship (Limbaugh Letter, 10/93) over congressional efforts in 1993 to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine — which he labeled “The Hush Rush Bill,” “The Get Limbaugh Act” and “The Rush Elimination Act of 1993.” Limbaugh’s daily on-air crusade generated thousands of calls to Washington, and helped derail congressional action. As usual, Limbaugh’s followers were mobilized through misinformation and deception. The Fairness Doctrine–in operation from 1949 until abolished in 1987 by Ronald Reagan’s deregulation-oriented Federal Communications Commission–calls on broadcasters, as a condition of getting their […]

Nov 01 1994

Back-Talk Radio

Aiming to Empower

From Rush Limbaugh to G. Gordon Liddy, commercial radio has long been a megaphone for right-wing talk-show hosts. And even NPR mostly mirrors mainstream news (Extra!, 4-5/93). But now some left/populist static for Limbaugh and his ilk is as close as your AM dial. We the People with Jerry Brown airs the renegade former California governor and three-time presidential candidate live from Oakland, Monday through Friday, 6-8 p.m. Pacific time. Syndicated by Talk America, it’s now heard on 26 stations nationwide following its January debut. Hightower Radio, hosted in Austin by feisty former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, premiered May […]