Sep 01 1992

Conventional Wisdom

How the press rewrites Democratic Party history every four years

Al Gore and Bill Clinton, 1992 (photo: Michelle V. Agins/NYT)

Coverage of the 1992 Democratic National Convention often drew sharp contrasts with earlier Democratic conventions–particularly 1984 and 1988. A look back at the coverage of those conventions, however, shows that they were covered in almost exactly the same terms.

Sep 01 1992

Women Candidates in ’92 Election Coverage

The year 1988, the press reported, would be a breakthrough year for women in politics. But in the end, only two additional women were elected to the House of Representatives, none to the Senate. In 1990, we were again told we were seeing the “Year of the Woman.” But although 70 women won major party nominations that year, the numbers in Congress did not change. This time, the experts say, they’re serious: 1992 is really and truly the “Year of the Woman” in American politics. The repeated recourse to the “Year of the Woman” tag is some indication of the […]