Sep 1 2011


September 2011

More Bombs, Less Debate NBC correspondent Richard Engel (Meet the Press, 6/19/11), calling for more bombing in Libya and less democracy in the U.S.: I just came from Libya before I came here, and the fact of the matter is the war in Libya right now is not very serious, that NATO is not doing a terribly good job. The rebels need a lot more help. The bombing campaign in Tripoli barely exists. Every once in a while there’s a few bombs on mostly empty compounds, and people go about their lives more or less unaffected. It’s not the kind […]

Sep 1 2011

Debt Ceiling Crisis ‘Not Even Close to Being an Important National Priority’

James K. Galbraith--Photo Credit: University of Texas

James Galbraith is a professor of economics at the University of Texas at Austin, author most recently of The Predator State and chair of Economists for Peace and Security. Speaking to FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin (7/15/11), Galbraith pointed out that there could be real effects from defaulting on our debt, which is why it’s unconstitutional. JG: The Constitution states very clearly that once the government makes an obligation that is a firm commitment, that cannot be challenged and should not be challenged in the political process. So the people that have been raising these issues, who are elected officials that […]