Sep 1 1988

The GOP/Nazi Connection

On September 8, 1988, Washington Jewish Week (with a circulation of 20,000) disclosed that Vice President George Bush had appointed an ethnic coalition for his campaign that included a number of outspoken antisemites with Nazi and fascist affiliations. The article prompted the resignation of six leaders of the GOP’s ethnic outreach division. Although the resignations were widely reported, few major media investigated the actual charges or explored their implications. The New York Times, in particular, downplayed the significance of the Nazi/GOP connection, burying the news that six Republican ethnic leaders had quit the campaign on page 24 of the D […]

Sep 1 1988

George Bush: The Teflon Candidate

George H.W. Bush

As the media dominate the presidential campaign, the pattern of 1980 and 1984 seems to be repeating itself. Instead of analyzing and exposing George Bush’s tarnished record, the US press has coated the vice president with the same teflon which protected Ronald Reagan for the past eight years. This is especially true with respect to the most controversial episodes in Bush’s generally bland past: his one-year stint as CIA director in 1976, and what was as described by a White House memo as his “solid” support for the secret 1986 arms shipments to Iran (New York Times, 12/18/87). According to […]

Sep 1 1988

Ben Stein

TV's Two-Faced Pundit

CNN Crossfire on Gary Hart and the Media (5/12/87): Host Tom Braden: Ben Stein is a media critic in Los Angeles, and I’d like to ask him…does a candidate’s private life have any bearing on what he does as a private official? Ben Stein: Absolutely. If you have a presidential candidate who is having a different girlfriend every week or sometimes a couple of times a week for 12 or 14 years, you have a person whose mental health is at issue…. Braden: Do you think [asking candidates if they’ve ever committed adultery] is a good idea? Stein: I think […]