Sep 1 1991

Behind Right-Wing Campus Newspapers

Collegiate Network

Strongly backed by a well-connect­ed neoconservative institute, right-wing campus newspapers are waging battles over what they see as highly contested territory—the nation’s college campuses. Right-wing newspapers are not a new phenomenon, but over the past 11 years, their influence appears to have grown. The increased clout is owed not so much to the tireless efforts of student editors, however, as to a national network, creat­ed in 1980 by the D.C.-based Institute for Educational Affairs—now the Madison Center for Educational Affairs (MCEA). The Collegiate Network, as it came to be known in 1986, now includes 64 papers on 57 campuses across […]

Sep 1 1991

TV in the Classroom

News or Nikes?

The increasing tendency of television throughout the ’80s to exploit young viewers reached some kind of breakthrough with Whittle Communications’ Channel One. For the uninitiated, Channel One is a television news program targeted to teenagers, and beamed to school classrooms around the country via satellite. Whittle offers this program to school systems, along with the equipment to receive the program (one satellite receiver, plus two VCRs and one 19″ television set per classroom), in return for the school system agreeing to require students to view the program every day. The 12-minute program consists of 10 minutes of news and two […]