Apr 1 1994

Victor Neufeld’s Anti-Environmental Spin Continues

Extra! Update June 1994

Victor Neufeld, 20/20‘s executive producer, whose wife is a PR agent who has represented the nuclear, chemical and plastics industries, has continued to steer the show away from environmental stories. In an Extra! expose (1-2/94), 20/20 staffers and ex-staffers told of Neufeld squelching stories critical of the nuclear industry and putting a spin on environmental stories that minimized or denied environmental concerns. ABC reacted to the Extra! article by “circling the wagons” around Neufeld, a 20/20 source said. As for Neufeld’s posture on environmental stories, “It’s the same thing–and worse.” Indeed, Neufeld, along with John Stossel, the correspondent who has […]

Apr 1 1994

Lifestyles of the Rich and Fatuous

ABC News‘ Diane Sawyer, who reportedly had her annual salary doubled from $3 million to approximately $6 million, once lectured a single mother who illegally worked two low-paying part-time jobs to supplement her monthly welfare check of $600 (Primetime Live, 9/17/92): “You know, people say you should not have children if you can’t support them.” With an annual income of $16,700, the “welfare cheat” whom Sawyer accused of “gouging the taxpayer” earned in a year about as much as Sawyer now makes in a day. While being rich doesn’t necessarily mean that you forget what it’s like to live on […]

Apr 1 1994

Walsh Report’s Scandalous Coverage

Lawrence Walsh

The media guardians of the Conventional Wisdom long ago decided that the Iran-Contra scandal is an old, irrelevant story that we would be better off forgetting. When President George Bush, just after losing his re-election bid, pardoned many of the leading figures in the scandal, PBS‘s Robert MacNeil (12/24/92) asked, “Why not bring in the healing power of the pardon…and sweep the bitterness away?” (See Extra!, 3/93.) Mainstream media displayed that same “sweep it away” attitude in coverage of the final report of the Iran/Contra special counsel, Lawrence Walsh. For most news outlets, it was a one-day story, over before […]