Aug 1 2005


Big Brother Is Blocking You In a disturbing illustration of how easily the Internet can be used to censor political speech, organizers of a July 23 day of events around the Downing Street Memo found that all emails containing the name of the activists’ website,, were being blocked by Comcast, a major broadband provider. The company that runs Comcast‘s spam filter, Symantec, supposedly received tens of thousands of bogus spam complaints about AfterDowningStreet, and added the website’s address to a list of forbidden phrases that get a website automatically blocked. Because AfterDowningStreet was never notified that it had been […]

Aug 1 2005

Why Is Labor Off TV?

Chris Matthews blames leaders--not himself

It’s a fact that labor unions are seldom heard from in the mainstream media. But when MSNBC host Chris Matthews brought up the issue (Hardball, 6/10/05), he blamed the problem on the labor movement. “I watch Sunday television,” Matthews explained during an interview with Bill Moyers. I never see a really good articulate labor leader on television. What happened to the George Meanys and the Walter Reuthers we grew up with? Where are the strong, articulate voices of the working person, the working family out there? That voice that you’re talking about, who worries about trade policy, who worries about […]

Aug 1 2005

Slavery, Genocide and Nuclear War

Disney/ABC radio personality Paul Harvey, one of the most widely heard commentators in the United States, presented his listeners on June 23 with an endorsement of genocide and racism that would have been right at home on a white supremacist shortwave broadcast. Harvey’s commentary began by citing a speech by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (12/30/41): After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill said that the American people…he said, the American people, he said, and this is a direct quote, “We didn’t come this far because we are made of sugar candy.” Actually, it’s not a direct quote; Churchill’s […]