Dec 1 1994

The Rehabilitation of Racism

Action Alert

The New York Times Book Review (10/16/94) ran a lengthy piece that had a simple message: It’s all right to believe that some races are genetically inferior to others. That was the underlying theme of Malcolm W. Browne’s review of three books: the widely publicized The Bell Curve, by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, Philippe Rushton’s Race, Evolution and Behavior, and Seymour Itzkoff’s Decline of Intelligence in America. For those who have managed to avoid reading about The Bell Curve, it’s yet another resurrection of the pseudo-science of eugenics, which applies mock-Darwinian notions of evolution to human beings, arguing that […]

Dec 1 1994

"What I Meant to Say"

Limbaugh Responds to FAIR

For three and a half months, the world waited for Rush Limbaugh’s promised “point-by-point rebuttal” to FAIR’s report, “Rush Limbaugh’s Reign of Error” (Extra!, 7-8/94). On Oct. 11, Limbaugh’s “rebuttal” finally arrived–not with a bang but a dud. Limbaugh’s 37-page manuscript addresses only about half of the points on which FAIR had documented his inaccuracy. On those points that he does contest, he tries to hide behind a blizzard of irrelevant quotations, evasive word-games and, in some instances, fresh distortions. For the most part, the Limbaugh rebuttal consists of Limbaugh explaining what he meant to say. Reinterpreting his false claim […]

Dec 1 1994

Haiti: The Crisis Is Not Over

The New Yorker magazine wrote an editorial (10/17/94) to mark President Aristide’s return to Port-au-Prince. “Political murders,” the liberal weekly stated, “have practically ended…. Haiti’s extreme human rights emergency — the reign of torture, terror and death…is for the moment over.” In fact, as the Weekly News Update on the Americas (published by the Nicaragua Solidarity Network) pointed out (10/16/94), human rights violations actually continued at nearly the same rate following the U.S. occupation. The total reported killings by “attaches” and others associated with the military regime was between 31 and 46 during the first weeks of the U.S. occupation, […]

Dec 1 1994


Glass Houses Extra! noted last issue (“Felons on the Air: Does GE’s Ownership of NBC Violate the Law?”, 11-12/94) that GE‘s criminal record could potentially cost GE-owned NBC its broadcast licenses. The possibility has been hinted at in a bitter feud between NBC and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV. After Fox tried to get an NBC affiliate to switch networks, NBC operatives began hinting that “Australian-born Rupert Murdoch and his Down Under-based company News Corp. may be in violation of federal regulations preventing foreign ownership of TV stations,” Variety reported (10/24/94). But Fox executives retorted: “We don’t spend our time talking […]