Dec 1 2004

In His Own Words

Bill O'Reilly on sexual harassment

There is a strong movement in America to remove any kind of value-based argument…. Public officials have the right to lie about sex because it is no one’s business what they do in private, even if sexual harassment suits are lodged against them, i.e., President Clinton…. Many Americans simply cannot or will not make judgments about behavior. And this is a tremendous change in our society. The danger here is that the absence of value-based judgments breaks down justice and discipline.” —O’Reilly Factor, 7/16/01 I have to explain to the audience that there is no sex allowed at Fox on […]

Dec 1 2004

Kerry’s Final ‘Flip-Flop’

The Bush campaign’s accusations of John Kerry’s “flip-flopping” were, for the most part, uncritically echoed by a media not prepared to challenge Bush’s misleading rhetoric. The media’s rule seemed to be that journalists could not accuse Bush of deception without finding a balancing example–however trivial or far-fetched–of Kerry stretching the truth (FAIR Action Alert, 9/3/04). Figuring out that the media were thus giving him carte blanche to fabricate as much as he wanted to, Bush stepped up his game in the final days of the campaign, discovering new instances of Kerry shifting his position on the war in Afghanistan. Kerry […]