Feb 1 2002

New York Times Buries Story of Airstrikes on Civilians

Extra! Update February 2002

On December 30, U.S. airstrikes hit the village of Niazi Kala (also called Qalaye Niaze) in eastern Afghanistan, killing dozens of civil­ians. The attack was major news in several British newspapers, with the Guardian and the Independent running front-page sto­ries. The headlines were straightforward: “U.S. Accused of Killing Over 100 Villagers in Airstrike” (Guardian, 1/1/02); “U.S. Accused of Killing 100 Civilians in Afghan Bombing Raid” (Independent, 1/1/02); –100 Villagers Killed’ in U.S. Airstrike” (London Times, 1/1/02). In contrast, the New York Times first reported the civilian deaths at Niazi Kala under the bland headline “Afghan Leader Warily Backs U.S. Bombing” […]