Feb 1 2008

The Lou Dobbs Primary?

Media, not voters, push immigration issue

Media coverage of the 2008 presidential election identifies immigration as a key issue for the U.S. electorate–even though, according to most polling, it does not rank as a top priority for voters. CNN‘s Republican debate on November 28 opened with a full 35 minutes devoted to the issue of immigration. Washington Post columnist David Broder (11/15/07) referred to “illegal immigration” as one of two major “icebergs ahead for the Democrats” in the upcoming presidential race (ex-President Bill Clinton being the other purported shipwrecker). Columnist and CBS correspondent Gloria Borger (U.S. News & World Report, 11/10/07) declared immigration a “killer issue,” […]

Feb 1 2008


Corporate Media’s Green Politics “That’s going to be a major part of CBS next year. We’re seeing a very robust amount of money. We like the fact that there are a lot of candidates. And we like a lot of candidates with a lot of money. We do not want election reform.” —CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves on political advertising (Forbes.com, 12/4/07) Snarking Up the Wrong Tree The Washington Post (12/6/07) reviewed a John Edwards TV ad that asked, “Do you really believe if we replace a crowd of corporate Republicans with a crowd of corporate Democrats that anything meaningful’s […]

Feb 1 2008

Humbled in New Hampshire?

Press needs to quit guessing and start reporting

Leading up to the New Hampshire primary, the storyline on the Democratic side was the disastrous state of the Clinton campaign. Her loss was a given; it seemed the only considerations were the margin of defeat and whether or not she would even continue running at all. The day of the primary, the Washington Post reported (1/8/08) that a second loss to Obama “would leave the New York senator’s candidacy gasping for breath,” and declared that Clinton’s vow to stay in the race may be more wish than reality. By Wednesday, it may be too late. By then, Obama’s campaign […]

Feb 1 2008

Taking Offense at Edwards

Media can't forgive his anti-establishment rhetoric

John Edwards--Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Llima

By the time the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries passed in early January, there had been several distinct cycles in the media coverage of the fight for the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton went from inevitable nominee to also-ran to comeback kid in the space of a week, for example, while Barack Obama was transformed from hopeful newcomer to sure-thing front-runner in one evening. One media trend remained remarkably steady, though: the press corps’ hostility to the John Edwards campaign. Edwards’ anti-corporate rhetoric was clearly off-putting to many pundits and reporters, who were shocked that the sunny optimist they covered […]