Jun 1 1994

NPR Health Reform ‘Debate’ Needs Second Opinion

Listeners to National Public Radio‘s Morning Edition are familiar with two regular pundits–former U.S. Representatives Tom Downey (D.-N.Y.) and Vin Weber (R.-Minn.)–who are supposed to give contrasting viewpoints on congressional events. But on the healthcare issue, NPR‘s point-counterpoint team are working for the same side–the side of the health insurance industry and healthcare companies who have a strong interest in preventing any meaningful healthcare reform. According to Legal Times (3/28/94), Downey is a lobbyist for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., one of the largest providers of health insurance, and US Healthcare, a major Pennsylvania-based HMO. Both HMOs and the large […]

Jun 1 1994

ABC’s Junk Science

Victor Neufeld's Anti-Environmental Spin Continues

Victor Neufeld, 20/20‘s executive producer, whose wife is a PR agent whohas represented the nuclear, chemical and plastics industries, has continued to steer the show away from environmental stories. In an Extra! expose (1-2/94), 20/20 staffers and ex-staffers told of Neufeld squelching stories critical of the nuclear industry and putting a spin on environmental stories that minimized or denied environmental concerns. ABC reacted to the Extra! article by “circling the wagons” around the 20/20 program chief, a 20/20 source said. As for Neufeld’s posture on environmental stories, “It’s the same thing–and worse.” Indeed, Neufeld, along with John Stossel, the correspondent […]