Jun 1 1995

No Hindus Need Apply

Responding to criticism of religious broadcaster Pat Robertson anti-semitic conspiracy theories (Extra!, 3-4/95), Christian Coalition spokesperson Ralph Reed declared that Robertson’s group “believed in a nation that ‘is not officially Christian, Jewish or Muslim,’ where anyone can run for office without church or synagogue attendance becoming an issue,” the New York Times reported (4/4/95). But what does Robertson himself say? “When I said during my presidential bid that I would only bring Christians and Jews into the government, I hit a firestorm,” Robertson wrote in his book The New World Order. “If anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there would […]

Jun 1 1995

Dial H for Hate

Neo-Nazi Recruitment on ABC's Flagship

FAIR, along with a coalition of religious and civil rights leaders, has written to ABC/Capital Cities CEO Tom Murphy to condemn the use of ABC-controlled airwaves for neo-Nazi and white supremacist recruiting. WABC radio talkshow host Bob Grant has repeatedly permitted and even assisted hate groups in giving out phone numbers and addresses on his show. The letter demanded that ABC explain its policies on hate groups, and that experts who monitor such groups be allowed on Grant’s show to describe the organizations that have been promoted. It also asked that WABC hire a host who is an advocate for […]

Jun 1 1995

Yet More Limbecile Statements

Ranger Rush LIMBAUGH: On his April 5 radio show, Limbaugh announced he was going to “nuke FAIR” with new information he had found about forests: “This, of course, is an area about which I’ve come under severe and fallacious attack by this media watchdog bunch of homies called Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting,” Limbaugh said. He proceeded to quote from a Robert Samuelson op-ed column in the Washington Post (4/5/95) that reviewed a book by Newsweek reporter Gregg Easterbrook: “‘In the mid-19th Century, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut were about 35 percent wooded; now they are 59 percent wooded.’ More forest […]