Jun 1 1996

Stop the Sell-Off of Public Broadcasting

The last issue of Extra! (5-6/96) discussed the threat that public television stations might be sold to commercial broadcasters. One of the first such sales may be imminent–and now is the time to try to stop it. Pittsburgh is one of 30-some metropolitan regions across the country that is fortunate enough to have more than one public TV station. WQED is the larger, VHF station, airing more standard PBS fare; that station’s board also controls WQEX, a UHF channel which is more open to alternative public affairs programs, featuring labor, minority and human rights perspectives. Due to extreme mismanagement, waste […]

Jun 1 1996

Exploding ABC’s Unabomber Hoax

Long before Ted Kaczynski’s arrest, we knew exactly how the Unabomber felt about the left: “Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful,” he wrote in his 35,000 word manifesto. “They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality…. The leftist is antagonistic to the to the concept of competition because, deep inside, he feels like a loser.” As columnist Alexander Cockburn wrote in the Nation (8/28/95), the prose was “like Ayn Rand rolled into Rush Limbaugh.” But immediately after Kaczynski’s arrest, some in the media began trying […]

Jan 1 1996

FAIR’s Bob Grant Success

Thanks in part to activists from all over the country who contacted ABC and Disney, FAIR’s campaign against the bigotry of talkshow host Bob Grant has been a success. The success was not in Grant’s firing from New York’s WABC, the flagship of Disney/ABC‘s radio empire. FAIR, in fact, never called for Grant to be taken off the air–we called on Disney to publish its policy regarding on-air racial slurs, and to add anti-racist counterweights to Grant–and in any case, Grant was back on the air in little more than a week, on New York’s WOR. The success, rather, has […]