Oct 1 2002

What a Difference Four Years Makes

Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq--then and now


“The U.N. orders its weapons inspectors to leave Iraq after the chief inspector reports Baghdad is not fully cooperating with them.” — Sheila MacVicar, ABC World News This Morning, 12/16/98 “To bolster its claim, Iraq let reporters see one laboratory U.N. inspectors once visited before they were kicked out four years ago.” –John McWethy, ABC World News Tonight, 8/12/02   “The Iraq story boiled over last night when the chief U.N. weapons inspector, Richard Butler, said that Iraq had not fully cooperated with inspectors and–as they had promised to do. As a result, the U.N. ordered its inspectors to leave […]

Oct 1 2002

When Conservatives Smear, Pundits Duck

Why the Washington Times got away with an NEA hoax

A smear campaign against the National Education Association reveals the state of modern-day agit-prop, in which conservative groups feel free to spread ugly slanders, and an increasingly indolent mainstream press corps barely raise a finger to challenge ugly attacks. The smear began on August 19, with a front-page article in the Washington Times by that paper’s Ellen Sorokin. According to Sorokin, the NEA would soon post a website containing lesson plans about September 11 that would advise teachers to “take a decidedly blame-America approach;” she singled out a quote advising teachers to avoid “suggesting that any group was responsible” for […]