Dec 1 2009


The Tipping Point In a USA Today interview (10/2/06) on the occasion of Fox News Channel‘s 10th anniversary, Fox chief Roger Ailes recalled being asked at a dinner party, “Isn’t Fox News too conservative?” Ailes related his response: “I said, ‘Are you comfortable with CNN?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ How about CBS, ABC, NBC? ‘Absolutely.’… National Public Radio and PBS? ‘Very good.’ So I said, ‘But this little cable channel is making you crazy? If all the media tipped to the right, I’d probably be the biggest liberal. But you’ve got to have debate.’” As it happens, FAIR has studied the […]

Oct 1 2006

NYT Rewrites Iraq War History

To Bush—and the Times—WMDs were not just a possibility

In a September 5 New York Times online article on George W. Bush’s speech that day on terrorism and Iraq, reporters David Sanger and John O’Neil included a striking revision of Bush’s reasoning for going to war: “The possibility that Saddam Hussein might develop “weapons of mass destruction” and pass them to terrorists was the prime reason Mr. Bush gave in 2003 for ordering the invasion of Iraq.” This revision of the record, maintaining that Bush only presented Iraqi WMDs as a “possibility,” threatens to erase one of the most significant chapters of recent history, in effect clearing the Bush […]

Oct 1 2006

NY1 Silences Debate

Challenger didn’t have enough of the stuff Time Warner gave his opponent

There is a heated debate among Democrats about the direction of the party, with centrist politicians facing challenges from the left, particularly on the Iraq War. But New York voters had a difficult time seeing this debate play out, with New York City cable news channel NY1 (owned by Time Warner) blocking challenger Jonathan Tasini from a Democratic primary race debate against incumbent Sen. Hillary Clinton. As an antiwar candidate challenging Clinton’s pro-war record, Tasini (a one-time contributor to Extra!—Summer/90) would appear to have offered something that Democratic voters say they want: A Zogby poll (8/9/06) showed that 78 percent […]

Oct 1 2006

Shredding Bad News at the FCC

Studies with 'wrong' results were disappeared

The Federal Communications Commission has suppressed reports documenting the negative impact of media consolidation, even as the FCC trumpeted reports that reflect favorably on Commission members’ deregulation campaign. The scandal emerged on September 12, when Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.) produced a leaked copy of a 2004 FCC report as she questioned current FCC chair Kevin Martin during his re-nomination hearings. The report showed that locally owned television stations provide more local news than those with non-local owners. (FAIR helped call attention to this report in a September 15 Action Alert.) Three years ago, then-FCC chair Michael Powell launched proceedings on […]