Mar 1 2013

‘Sparing’ the 98 Percent–by Taxing Them

Media fumble impact of 'fiscal cliff' deal

Source: Citizens for Tax Justice

When congressional Republicans and the White House agreed to their long- awaited “fiscal cliff” tax deal early on January 1, the news media celebrated it as a compromise that raised taxes on the rich while protecting everyone else. As NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell (12/31/12) put it, negotiators had crafted “a genuine compromise on taxes [where] rates would go up for couples earning above $450,000 a year and stay the same for everyone else.” Echoed Nightline’s Terry Moran (ABC, 1/1/13): “This late compromise, it will prevent many of the dreaded effects of the cliff. Only the top 2 percent of Americans […]

Jan 1 2013

The Hall of Fame of Bad Ideas

Why acting like you lost the election is the ‘serious’ thing to do


As usual when Democrats win elections, plenty of corporate media pundits advised them to act as though they lost.

Dec 14 2012

Jane McAlevey on Michigan “Right to Work,” Mijin Cha on Jobs Crisis


A “Right to Work” law passes in Michigan– what is missing from the press coverage? Labor writer and activist Jane McAlevey has some thoughts. And is Washington’s focus on the “debt crisis” misguided? Mijin Cha thinks we’d be better off focusing on the jobs crisis.