Jun 19 2008

Remembering Russert

What media eulogies remember--and forget

NBC‘s Meet the Press anchor and Washington bureau chief Tim Russert died of a heart attack on June 13. The outpouring from media and political elites only underscored Russert’s status as one of most important figures in mainstream journalism. But amidst all of the accolades, critical assessments about Russert’s record were scarce. It would be difficult to imagine anyone more admired by fellow journalists. “He was the preeminent political journalist in America,” declared pundit Al Hunt (6/15/08). “He was an American character right from Mark Twain,” offered NBC colleague Chris Matthews (6/15/08). “He had an authority and insight in covering […]

Sep 28 2004

NBC No Longer Saying FAIR Transcript Was Incomplete

September 28, 2004 Some callers to NBC Nightly News, responding to FAIR’s September 28 Action Alert, were told that FAIR’s transcript of Tom Brokaw’s item (9/24/04) on “liberals [who] want to ban the Bible” was incomplete. A spokesperson for NBC told callers that FAIR had left out a line in which a representative of a progressive religious group condemned the claim that liberals sought to outlaw the Bible. Reviewing a videotape of the broadcast, FAIR affirmed that the Nexis transcript quoted in the Action Alert was accurate. The spokesperson now acknowledges that the line she cited did not appear on […]

Jan 1 1991

The GE Boycott

A Story NBC Wouldn't Buy

When I got a call from NBC‘s Today show in June 1990, telling me they were interested in airing a story on consumer boycotts, naturally, as the editor of National Boycott News, I was enthusiastic. But I suspected there might be a problem when Amy Rosenberg from Today asked me for “the biggest boycott going on right now.” I already had a good idea, but I wanted to do a little more research before I gave her my answer. When I looked at major boycotts in terms of visibility, effectiveness, scope and public support, one stood out: the boycott of […]