Jun 19 2006

New York Times Corrects the Record

Anti-war smear unsubstantiated

On June 16, FAIR issued an Action Alert questioning a New York Timess op-ed’s claim that “hundreds of anti-war protestors…appear at military hospitals and funerals.” On June 17, the New York Times printed the following correction on its op-ed page: An Op-Ed article on Monday, about demonstrations at military funerals, hospitals and memorial services, incorrectly described the protesters at the military funerals discussed in the article. In some cases, the protesters were members of an anti-gay group, not people opposed to the Iraq war; in others, the families of the dead service members were unable to determine the affiliation of […]

Jun 16 2006

Smearing Anti-War Activists?

NY Times Op-Ed Laments Anti-War Funeral Protests

(NOTE: Please read the update to this alert) A June 12 op-ed in the New York Times made a bold accusation: anti-war activists have targeted funerals of Iraq War soldiers with noisy protests. But evidence to back up that charge is nonexistent. The author of the piece, writer Karen Spears Zacharias, recounted an interview with a war widow who said that “antiwar protesters… lined the streets across from the service… carried signs and… shouted as her husband’s flag-draped coffin was carried past.” Zacharias expanded on this claim when she wrote of the “hundreds of anti-war protestors who appear at military […]

Jun 7 2006

Amendment Proposal Needs Serious Attention

Politics aside, how would Constitution be affected by gay marriage ban?

In a move that most political observers describe as a tactic to increase voter turnout among his party’s conservative base, George W. Bush announced on June 5 that he supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. While much of the media discussion of the issue focuses on the GOP’s political maneuvering, few reports examined what the actual effects of the proposed amendment would be. Some reporters downplayed the seriousness of changing the U.S. Constitution by suggesting that the Republicans’ proposed amendment was a routine political ploy of the sort both parties engage in. As National Public Radio political editor Ken […]

Mar 1 2006

Not a Man, Not a Story

No coming out party for Swoopes

When women’s basketball star Sheryl Swoopes publicly came out of the closet on October 26, she became one of the first openly gay athletes in professional team sports, and by far the most famous. It was a groundbreaking step made all the more remarkable by Swoopes’ star power: The WNBA’s only three-time MVP and a three-time Olympic gold medalist, Swoopes even has a Nike shoe in her name. She’s also the first prominent African-American athlete ever to come out. But while Swoopes’ act may reflect—and produce—a slight lessening of the homophobia that has long afflicted professional sports, the media reaction […]

Feb 1 2006

20 Stories That Made a Difference

For better or worse

FAIR was founded on the belief that journalism matters—that getting out the truth can improve the world, while news that distorts or denies reality can have terrible consequences. To illustrate this conviction, we’ve compiled a list of 20 news stories published since FAIR’s 1986 debut that had a major impact on society—for good or for ill. The list is not meant to be a comprehensive collection of the most momentous stories of the past 20 years, but rather to be illustrative of the power of media. Stories that should have led to serious changes, but were underplayed by corporate media, […]

Jul 8 2005

New York Times Suggests Bisexuals Are ‘Lying’

Paper fails to disclose study author's controversial history

In a lead article in the New York Times‘ July 5 Science section, headlined, “Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited,” Times writer Benedict Carey reported that an upcoming study “casts doubt on whether true bisexuality exists, at least in men.” In suggesting that men who claim a bisexual sexual orientation are liars, the Times relies heavily on a single study whose senior researcher has a career marked by ethics controversies and eugenics proposals–facts that were not presented to readers. According to the Times, the study “lends support to those who have long been skeptical that bisexuality is a distinct and […]

Jan 31 2005

PBS Censors Postcards From Buster

Episode featuring lesbian moms deemed not 'appropriate'

PBS has pulled an episode of the children’s show Postcards From Buster that includes children with lesbian mothers. The episode was yanked the same day that PBS received a letter from new Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings condemning the episode and asking PBS to “strongly consider” returning the federal money that went toward its production. In the episode, Buster, an animated rabbit, visits Vermont, where he learns how maple sugar is made and visits the home of real-life children who invite him in for dinner and introduce him to their “mom and Gillian.” WGBH, the Boston PBS affiliate station that […]

Jan 1 2005

With Respect to Mary Cheney

Pundits use Kerry’s lesbian “gaffe” to rewrite debate

Media have a funny way of rewriting the history of presidential debates. After the first debate in 2000, all five network polls that night showed most viewers agreeing that Vice President Al Gore had beaten George W. Bush (Daily Howler, 8/19/04). But as the debate worked its way through the media echo chamber, the outcome quickly morphed into the story of Gore’s exasperated sighs and unlikeability, and an event that initially seemed like a victory for Gore had suddenly become a serious liability. Fast-forward to 2004. On October 13, after the third and final presidential debate, all the immediate polls […]