Mar 1 1992

Survey Says: Newspapers Boost Nukes

One of the claims of the nuclear industry is that it is subject to constant criticism from the media. But a five-month sample of clippings gathered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission indicates that the majority of editorials, columns and news stories on nuclear power in U.S. newspapers are supportive of nuclear power. Extra! conducted a survey of the NRC’s clippings from February to June 1991 in conjunction with Don’t Waste U.S., a D.C.-based group opposed to nuclear waste that regularly monitors the NRC’s documents. “I see an onslaught from points all over the country pushing nuclear power,” says Carol Oldershaw, […]

Jul 1 1991

Time’s Nuclear Non-Choice

Time magazine’s April 29 cover story asked the question: “Nuclear Power: Do We Have a Choice?”–and answered it in the negative. Time mirrored the arguments of the nuclear industry and nuclear enthusiasts in the Bush administration–without investigating their validity. For instance, Time cited an April report by the  National Academy of Sciences on the greenhouse effect, also ballyhooed by nuclear proponents. “The National Academy of Sciences called this month for the swift development of a new generation of nuclear plants to help fight the greenhouse gas effect,” trumpeted Time. “Some of the adjectives don’t seem to be there–such as the […]

Jul 1 1990

Nuclear Dumping Scheme Buried by Media

The story was hot in more ways than one: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) proposed to deregulate much of so-called “low-level” radioactive waste from the nation’s nuclear plants, to deem it “Below Regulatory Concern” and allow it to be treated, without monitoring, like plain old garbage. This proposal was on the NRC’s agenda from 1985 onward, and finally went into effect on June 27, 1990. Some 30 percent of radioactive material can now be dumped in landfills, burnt in incinerators, disposed of in sewage systems, spread on farmland with sludge or mixed with safe material to be processed into consumer […]

May 1 1990

New Improved Nukes

The press pushes the nuclear option

“Revive the Atom,” proclaimed the New York Times (12/8/89), trumpeting a campaign to resurrect nuclear power we will hear much of in the coming years. “Nuclear power is not inherently unworkable,” editorialized the Times. “Technology is the easiest part–a new generation of safer, cheaper nuclear power plants is already on the drawing boards. The tough part is changing public attitudes.” And the Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other mainstays of establishment media seem intent on doing whatever they can to change public attitudes. The crusade for the dying technology (no nuclear plant has been ordered in the U.S. […]

Jul 1 1989

Holocaust: Back-Page News

A wall exhibit, “A people in Print: Jewish Journalism in America,” held in 1987 at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, featured enlarged photocopies of articles from the New York Times about the Holocaust–the most terrible stories–but given short shrift, relegated to the back pages of the paper. Included were items like the October 30, 1941 article on the back page of the times: “More Berlin Jews shipped to Poland; Sent Away in Freight Cars–48,000 Uprooted in Prague.” Dr. Kenneth Libo, curator of the historical exhibits at the museum and organizer of the journalism exhibit, sought to […]