Jan 4 2013

Bob McIntyre on Tax Deal, Kevin McKinney on Corporate FM


The “fiscal cliff” tax deal is, according to the headlines, a big tax hike for the rich. Bob McIntyre from Citizens for Tax Justice breaks it down. And what happened to local commercial radio? Filmmaker Kevin McKinney takes a look in a new documentary called Corporate FM.

Dec 7 2012

Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning Hearing, Joe Torres on FCC


What happened at the Bradley Manning hearings this week? Corporate media don’t seem interested; Michael Ratner tells us what they missed. And big media getting… bigger? Joe Torres on the latest at the FCC.

Sep 1 2003

Guest Perspective: Inside the Cable Beast

A journalist recalls an atmosphere of ignorance and bigotry

To mark that momentous day in April when invading U.S. forces captured the Iraqi capital, my boss, second-in-command at a major cable news network, decided to buy his staff lunch. “Pizza and Salad,” he announced in an email to the newsroom, while on our air jubilant Iraqis hacked away at a statue of Saddam Hussein. The occasion? “To celebrate the fall of Baghdad.” Producers and reporters, tense after weeks of covering an action-packed military cam­paign, were delighted. As the only Arab at my network, and one of the few employees criti­cal of the war, I cringed at the thought of […]

Sep 1 2001

When a Media Mogul Runs the State

U.S. press unconcerned about fascist ties of Italy's Berlusconi

It’s no great wonder that much of the Italian media did not report critically on the electoral campaign of multi-billionaire Silvio Berlusconi. After all, he owns Italy’s three main private TV networks and other major media outlets. But what excuse does the U.S. press have for its flaccid coverage of Berlusconi, Italy’s richest man, who is now prime minister of that country’s 59th government since World War II? U.S. journalists repeatedly refer to the Italian TV tycoon as a “self-made” success story. George Will called the Italian TV tycoon a “gaudy self-creation” (Newsweek, 5/21/01) and a Scripps Howard editorial (5/15/01) […]