Dec 1 2011

Media Justice and the 99 Percent Movement

How net neutrality helped Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street media center (cc photo: Mat McDermott)

The democratization of media-making tools, particularly an open and unfettered Internet, made the Occupy movemnet possible. Right now, though, this open access is under threat.

Dec 1 2011

Missing Al Jazeera’s ‘Moment’

News you can’t see anywhere else—if you can see it

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

The Qatar-based TV news network Al Jazeera is quickly becoming one of the world’s most important international news outlets. Since launching its English-language affiliate, Al Jazeera English (AJE), in 2006, the network has extended its reach into 250 million homes in more than 100 countries (Arab Media and Society, Spring/11). In the United States, though, AJE is nearly blacked out, only available in a few markets, including Toledo, Ohio; Burlington, Vermont; Washington, D.C.; and, most recently, New York City. Cable operators have given various reasons for why they’ve shut out AJE: a lack of interest in the network, a lack […]

Sep 29 2011

Some Breaks in the Blackout of Wall Street Protests

After a FAIR Action Alert (9/23/11) criticized the virtual media blackout of the Occupy Wall Street protests, corporate news coverage has increased–sparked largely by the escalating police brutality at the ongoing demonstration. (See FAIR Blog, 9/23/11, for a sample of the messages sent by FAIR activists to the network nightly news shows.) On ABC World News Sunday (9/25/11), anchor David Muir read this short item while playing footage of cops assaulting protesters: And here in New York, protests continued against the big banks and the bailout that helped the banks, Wall Street, they say, not Main Street. It turned ugly […]

Jul 22 2011

Mary Bottari on ALEC Exposed, Marjorie Cohn on prison hunger strike


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: You’ve probably never heard of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. So why do they have so much sway over the laws affecting your life? We may get some sunlight on the actions of this influential “public/private membership organization” with the release of a cache of previously secret documents on their work. We’ll hear from Mary Bottari of the Center for Media and Democracy about the ALEC Exposed project, and what it all means. Also on the show: A hunger strike by California prisoners against what they say are torturous and abusive conditions […]

Jul 1 2011

Celebrating 25 Years of FAIR

Excerpts from our anniversary event

Glenn Greenwald--Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore

On April 28, at New York City’s Symphony Space, FAIR celebrated our 25th anniversary with a remarkable line-up: political columnist Glenn Greenwald, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, MIT professor Noam Chomsky and filmmaker Michael Moore. It was a night we’ll never forget—from Greenwald’s stirring opening address to Michael Moore closing the evening by leading a sold-out audience of 700 people in singing “Happy Birthday” to the FAIR staff. The following are excerpts from the speeches given by each of our guests.   Glenn Greenwald: I realized very early on that if you’re someone who wants to meaningfully understand and analyze […]

May 20 2011

Ali Abunimah on Palestinian protests, Glenn Greenwald from FAIR’s 25th Anniversary


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The Israeli defense minister says that major protests like those on Israel’s borders May 15th require new responses; but what if anything is new about US journalists’ approach to Palestinian protests and rights? Journalist Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada will join us to talk about that. Also on the show: We’ll play part of Glenn Greenwald’s address at FAIR’s recent 25th Anniversary celebration at Symphony Space in New York City. The Salon writer shared his thoughts on the media with a standing room only crowd; he shared the stage with Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky […]

Apr 1 2011

Opening Up NewsHour’s Libya Discussion

FAIR’s March 29 Action Alert documented the PBS NewsHour‘s remarkably narrow range of debate on the Libya War, which featured an array of current and former military and government officials. On March 30, the NewsHour‘s debate on arming the Libyan rebels included Emira Woods from the progressive Institute for Policy Studies. Roughly a million Americans got to hear a perspective they might not otherwise have encountered. This is why media activism is important. You can check out the segment on the NewsHour‘s website. FAIR thanks all of the activists who wrote to the NewsHour to suggest they expand the discussion […]

Dec 30 2010

Smell Something Rotten?

2010 P.U.-litzer Prizes recognize the worst of U.S. journalism

At the end of every year FAIR rounds up some of the stinkiest examples of corporate media malfeasance. This year brought no shortage of contenders; indeed, the hardest part of the P.U.-litzers is narrowing down the list. Readers who think we missed one can share their nominations at the FAIR Blog ( And without further ado…. —Prosecute the Messenger Award: Diane Sawyer (ABC News) On October 22, ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer introduced a report on WikiLeaks‘ exposure of thousands of classified documents from the Iraq War. ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz summarized the contents of the WikiLeaks files: “Deadly […]