May 16 2012

NYT’s Jerusalem Bureau Has New Conflict of Interest

Reporter's husband's job is to influence her coverage

Reporter’s husband’s job is to influence her coverageThe New York Times‘ Jerusalem bureau was embroiled in controversy two years ago when news broke that bureau chief Ethan Bronner had a son who enlisted in the Israeli army (Extra!, 4/10). As Bronner wraps up his tenure, a new conflict of interest has arisen: Bureau reporter Isabel Kershner’s spouse works to promote favorable coverage of Israel at an Israeli government-linked think tank that Kershner frequently quotes. As an article by Alex Kane in the May 2012 issue of Extra! reports, Kershner’s husband, Hirsh Goodman, is a senior research fellow at the Institute […]

Apr 25 2012

Sunday Shows: More than GOP TV?

It’s time to tell the TV networks: Sunday morning should be more than GOP TV. Sign FAIR’s petition today! A new study from FAIR (Extra!, 4/12) of the Sunday morning network chat shows found a distinct conservative, white and male tilt in the guest lists. In an eight-month study (6/11-2/12) of the four shows–ABC‘s This Week, NBC‘s Meet the Press, CBS‘s Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday–FAIR found: * In one-on-one interviews, 70 percent of partisan-affiliated guests were Republican. Those guests were overwhelmingly white (92 percent) and male (86 percent).* Roundtable debate segments weren’t much more diverse: 62 percent […]

Apr 18 2012

Right and Early

Sunday Morning Shows Are GOP TV

Sunday Morning Shows Are GOP TV CBS host Bob Schieffer once declared that his show’s mission was to “find interesting people from all segments of American life who have something to say and give them a chance to say it.” By that standard, Schieffer’s Face the Nation–and the rest of the Sunday morning TV chat shows–are failing miserably, according to a new study from FAIR. Evaluating the four Sunday morning talk shows–ABC‘s This Week, NBC‘s Meet the Press, CBS‘s Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday–for the eight months from June 2011 through February 2012, FAIR found a distinct conservative, […]

Apr 01 2012

Top Op-Ed Pages Offer Choice of Elites

On reigning issues, convergent perspectives

On reigning issues, convergent perspectivesWhile it would be naive to accept the newspaper business’s implication that it keeps its news entirely factual by segregating opinion to its own section, the op-ed pages do state opinion more explicitly and help make visible the range of opinions allowed in the rest of the paper. What kind of writers do the major papers put on their staff? Who gets to speak on these pages, and who gets left out? Extra! looked at the writers represented on the op-ed pages of three major, nationally significant newspapers: the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall […]

Mar 01 2012

With Fox News Liberals, Who Needs Conservatives?

They play the left on Rupert Murdoch’s TV

Bob Beckel--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They play the left on Rupert Murdoch’s TVFox News co-host and contributor Bob Beckel has called for the assassination of WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange (“A dead man can’t leak stuff”—Follow the Money, 12/6/10), for furnishing guns to school children (“If you give your kid a gun, no bullying”—Five, 1/5/12) and for militant opposition to the “War on Christmas,” which is “completely out of hand” (Five, 12/9/11). These views are anything but out of place on Fox News, where hosts and commentators are known for fantasizing about murdering progressives (FAIR Blog, 11/10/10), deifying gun ownership (Beck, 6/29/11) and courageously confronting those […]

Apr 01 2011

Opening Up NewsHour’s Libya Discussion

FAIR’s March 29 Action Alert documented the PBS NewsHour‘s remarkably narrow range of debate on the Libya War, which featured an array of current and former military and government officials. On March 30, the NewsHour‘s debate on arming the Libyan rebels included Emira Woods from the progressive Institute for Policy Studies. Roughly a million Americans got to hear a perspective they might not otherwise have encountered. This is why media activism is important. You can check out the segment on the NewsHour‘s website. FAIR thanks all of the activists who wrote to the NewsHour to suggest they expand the discussion […]

Mar 29 2011

Public TV’s Libya Limits

Narrow war debate on PBS NewsHour

Narrow war debate on PBS NewsHourIf public television’s mission is to bring diverse viewpoints to the airwaves, the discussions about the war in Libya on the PBS NewsHour haven’t lived up to that standard. Over the past two weeks, the NewsHour has featured an array of current and former military and government officials in its discussion segments–leaving little room for antiwar voices, U.S. foreign policy critics and legal experts. -On March 18, the NewsHour interviewed the Obama administration’s UN Ambassador Susan Rice. -On March 21, anchor Jim Lehrer decided to get “perspective on the Mideast turmoil from two former U.S. […]

Nov 01 2010

This Week in Beltway Think

Public TV’s font of conventional wisdom

Public TV’s font of conventional wisdomIf any PBS show perfectly captures the problem with public TV’s public affairs programming, it might be the oldest one: Washington Week. Billed as the “longest-running news and public affairs program on public television,” Washington Week is a half-hour chat show where familiar faces from commercial media outlets give viewers an inside-the-Beltway, who’s up-who’s-down take on Washington politics. Like some other PBS fare, the show is a public/commercial hybrid; since 2005, Washington Week has been a co-production with the for-profit Washington insider magazine National Journal. Press materials for the show declare that the panelists “are […]