Oct 26 2015

ACTION ALERT: NYT Claims Clinton ‘Emerging as Unrivaled Leader’ in Democratic Race

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley at Democratic debate (image: CNN)

Hillary Clinton, the “unrivaled leader,” leads her closest rival, Bernie Sanders, by 7 percentage points in an average of recent polls in the first caucus state, Iowa. In the first primary state, New Hampshire, she trails Sanders by 2 points;

Oct 9 2015

Democrats Depend on Affluent Voters? That’s Rich

Thomas Edsall (image: PBS)

While New York Times’ columnist Thomas Byrne Edsall’s claim that the Democratic base no longer tilts to the working class is false, the idea that the Democratic Party has shifted its policies to attract more money from the wealthy is all too true.

Oct 8 2015

NYT on TPP: Too Secret for Critics to Have a Right to Complain About

Yep, Lucy yanked the ball away from Charlie Brown this time, too.

The New York Times subtly sneered at TPP critics for opposing a document that they haven’t been allowed to see yet.

Oct 6 2015

NYT Continues to Obscure Responsibility in US’s Bombing of Hospital


Will any high-ranking official in the United States face repercussions over the hospital slaughter? It seems unlikely, given how the New York Times and other US outlets have diffused responsibility for the atrocity.

Sep 30 2015

Marginalizing the Momentum of the BDS Movement

New York Times story on BDS

When the New York Times pays attention to BDS, coverage doesn’t focus on the role of the movement in the struggle for Palestinian rights, but instead amplifies critics of BDS and focuses on charges that the movement is a form of antisemitism.

Sep 30 2015

No ISIS Where Russia Is Bombing–Except Last Week, When ISIS Was Killing Gay Men There?

Alleged ISIS execution--Daily Mail

After Russia bombs what it says are Islamic State sites near Homs in Syria, the New York Times declares, “Homs is not under the control of the Islamic State”–contradicting atrocity stories published just last week.

Sep 29 2015

To NYT, ‘Diplomatic’ and ‘Unilateral’ Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

US military bases in the Middle East (source: Juan Cole)

A New York Times story by Michael Gordon contains a line that sums up corporate media’s spin on the US role in the Syrian conflict.

Sep 24 2015

Digital Apocalypse Not: NYT Celebrates Publishers Deciding They Don’t Want to Sell E-Books

Zombie apocalypse

What’s the explanation for the “surprising resilience of print”? Consumer preference, is the main story the New York Times tells.
But three-quarters of the way through the piece, the real economics of the publishing industry appear.