North Korea Rattles Sabers While U.S. Drops Fake Nukes

For reporters, 'threats' seem to come from one side

Stealth bombers pretended to drop nuclear bombs along North Korea's borders.

Seemingly out of nowhere, North Korea became the top news story at the beginning of April. Tensions between the United States and North Korea were on the rise after new supreme leader Kim Jong Un conducted several missile and weapons tests, beginning at the end of 2012. The threats, bluster and provocations that followed led to some rather alarming—and alarmist—coverage in the U.S., particularly on television. For most reporters, the threats were going in one direction. As ABC World News reporter Martha Raddatz put it (3/31/13): “The threats have been coming almost every day, and each day become more menacing, […]


Tim Shorrock on North Korea, Lee Fang on ‘The Right Leans In’


While corporate TV panics over North Korea, Tim Shorrock points out what’s missing from the story. And the Lee Fang tells us how the right is mobilizing at the state-level– they’re even creating media outlets to spread their message.


Dan Beeton on Ecuador Election, Christine Hong on North Korea


What is it about leftist Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa that U.S. media don’t like? Dan Beeton from the Center for Economic and Policy Research explains. And what context and history would improve our understanding of North Korea? UC Santa Cruz professor Christine Hong has some ideas.