Jan 23 2015

'Poor,' 'Middle Class'–What's the Difference to the 1 Percent?

A New York Times piece seems to treat the poor and middle class as almost interchangeable. Thus Mitt Romney vowing to “end the scourge of poverty” is equated with Mitch McConnell calling for a focus on “the stagnant middle class.”

Aug 15 2012

Paul Ryan’s ‘Self-Reliance’

Concocting an 'origin story' for VP hopeful's character

As corporate media tell and retell Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan’s life story, one theme emerges above all others: His “self-reliance. “David Fahrenthold and Paul Kane in the Washington Post (8/11/12) asserted that Ryan’s big ideas bear the stamp of his own story: They stress independence and self-reliance, the qualities that took him from the mailroom to a spot on his party’s presidential ticket. What government owes its citizens, Ryan says, is not a guarantee of happiness–only a fair shot to pursue it….“ He lost his father early and had to grow up sooner than he wanted to,” said Rep. Jeff […]

Aug 14 2012

The Media’s Favorite ‘Wonk’

Paul Ryan according to Beltway media

Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his Republican running mate has unleashed yet another torrent of fawning coverage touting Ryan’s intelligence and bravery for advocating a fiscal plan of massive government spending cuts and massive tax breaks for the wealthy.