Sep 23 2011

Neil deMause on poverty, Phyllis Bennis on Palestinian statehood

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Census Bureau data showing one in six Americans live in poverty was received soberly by the press corps, but should it have surprised them? And what about next week, when the government doesn’t release a report and people are still poor? We’ll talk with journalist Neil deMause about media’s treatment of poverty and the poor. Also on the show: Mainstream reporting on the Palestinian bid for UN recognition regularly employs loaded language in portraying the initiative as and underhanded gambit which is threatening to the U.S. and Israel. But exactly how does the Palestinian […]

Jun 01 2010

Wealth Gap Yawns–and So Do Media

Little interest in study of massive race/gender disparities

Little interest in study of massive race/gender disparitiesThe Insight Center for Community Economic Development (3/8/10) released a stunning report about the wealth gap for women of color: Single black women have a median wealth of $100 and Hispanic women of $120—dramatically lower than white men ($43,800), white women ($41,500) or black men ($7,900). Insight Center for Community Economic Development, March 2010 The median wealth for single white women in their prime working years, age 36-49, is 61 percent of the wealth of their male counterparts, who own $70,030. That’s terrible, but the corresponding ratio between women and men of color […]

Mar 22 2010

NYT Public Editor Admits ACORN Errors

In a response to a FAIR action alert (3/11/10), New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt (3/21/10) acknowledged that the paper got key facts wrong in reporting on the undercover videos attacking the community organizing group ACORN. The main issue was the fact that James O’Keefe, the activist who produced the videos, did not actually dress up like a “pimp” when he visited the offices. This was a major theme in stories that appeared in the Times and elsewhere: As FAIR pointed out, O’Keefe’s supposed get-up was one of “the key contentions of the ACORN smear–that the group is so […]

Mar 11 2010

NYT and the ACORN Hoax

Why can't paper admit its mistakes?

Why can’t paper admit its mistakes?Ignoring calls from numerous critics, the New York Times refuses to own up to mistakes in the paper’s coverage of the now-famous right-wing videotapes attacking the community organizing group ACORN. Instead, the paper’s public editor, Clark Hoyt, is relying on an absurd semantic justification in order to claim the paper does not need to print any corrections. As conventionally reported in the Times and elsewhere, right-wing activists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles dressed up as a pimp and a prostitute and visited several local ACORN offices, where office workers gave the duo advice on setting […]

Dec 18 2009

Michelle Chen on Copenhagen, Joe Conason on ACORN videos


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Walkouts and protests at the Copenhagen summit have highlighted the political friction in responding to climate change. But is the press corps that brings us headlines like the New York Times‘ “Poor and Emerging States Stall Climate Negotiations” the right place to look for an understanding of concerns about the inequality of climate change’s human impacts? We’ll get a different perspective from writer Michelle Chen, who’s been following the story. Also on the show: An independent report on ACORN, commissioned by the group and authored by the former attorney general of Massachusetts, has some […]

Oct 02 2009

Gareth Porter on Iran, Christopher Martin on ACORN


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: This week on CounterSpin, did the White House really disclose the existence of Iran’s new Uranium enrichment plant, and does the plant, as many news stories seem to indicate, really violate the law? And what evidence is there that the new plant may have anything to do with a nuclear weapons program, as certain prominent U.S. media figures have claimed, but which U.S. intelligence agencies say does not exist? We’ll talk to historian and free lance journalists Gareth Porter about the latest wave of allegations against Iran. Also this week: The community activist group […]

Sep 04 2009

Jordan Flaherty on Katrina anniversary, Sarah Anderson on executive pay


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Corporate media promised to pay more attention to poverty and race after the Gulf Coast’s Katrina disasters in 2005, and for a short time they did a little more reporting. But where was the followup on this year’s August anniversary, when papers like the Washington Post and L.A. Times, and networks like ABC and Fox offered essentially no coverage at all. We’ll talk to journalist Jordan Flaherty, reporting the story since 2005, about the stories from the continuing Katrina crisis that the corporate media don’t seem to care much about. Also on the show–a […]

Jul 10 2009

Sasha Abramsky on ‘Breadline USA’, Jim Naureckas on the future of journalism


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Some 25 million Americans, nearly 9 percent of the population–rely on food pantries. But with rare exceptions, and despite its devastating impact, big media just don’t seem to find a reportable story in chronic hunger. A new book hopes to make the issue more visible, by actually talking to people. It’s called Breadline USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It; we’ll speak with author Sasha Abramsky. Also on the show: Hard times and decreasing ad revenues have prompted a spate of seminars and discussion about the future of journalism […]