Mar 1 1996

More of Limbaugh’s Wit and Wisdom

What They Did to Newt

LIMBAUGH: “Look what they did to Newt. Newt didn’t even say it. But people called my radio show today thinking Newt Gingrich predicted a stock market crash by December 15. That’s because of the way the press is reporting it…. This is the best example I can give you to show you the unfairness, the bias and the disparity that exists in reporting the truth with the mainstream press coming out of Washington.” (TV, 12/5/95) REALITY: This is Limbaugh’s “best example”? An extensive search of online databases found no stories reporting that House Speaker Gingrich had predicted a stock market […]

Jun 1 1995

Yet More Limbecile Statements

Ranger Rush LIMBAUGH: On his April 5 radio show, Limbaugh announced he was going to “nuke FAIR” with new information he had found about forests: “This, of course, is an area about which I’ve come under severe and fallacious attack by this media watchdog bunch of homies called Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting,” Limbaugh said. He proceeded to quote from a Robert Samuelson op-ed column in the Washington Post (4/5/95) that reviewed a book by Newsweek reporter Gregg Easterbrook: “‘In the mid-19th Century, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut were about 35 percent wooded; now they are 59 percent wooded.’ More forest […]

May 1 1995

Limbaugh Out to Lunch in Budget Debate

“Today, my friends, we’re going to do everything the media accuses us of doing, that we never have done, but we’re going to do it,” Rush Limbaugh announced on his March 10 radio show. “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to give you marching orders, and today we will ask you to follow us in lock-step.” Actually, Limbaugh urges his followers to take political action with some regularity (Extra!, 9-10/94). But what issue was so important that it would make Limbaugh claim that he was breaking his rule? The school lunch program. “My friends,” Limbaugh declared, for the last […]

Dec 1 1994

"What I Meant to Say"

Limbaugh Responds to FAIR

For three and a half months, the world waited for Rush Limbaugh’s promised “point-by-point rebuttal” to FAIR’s report, “Rush Limbaugh’s Reign of Error” (Extra!, 7-8/94). On Oct. 11, Limbaugh’s “rebuttal” finally arrived–not with a bang but a dud. Limbaugh’s 37-page manuscript addresses only about half of the points on which FAIR had documented his inaccuracy. On those points that he does contest, he tries to hide behind a blizzard of irrelevant quotations, evasive word-games and, in some instances, fresh distortions. For the most part, the Limbaugh rebuttal consists of Limbaugh explaining what he meant to say. Reinterpreting his false claim […]

Nov 1 1994

The ‘Hush Rush’ Hoax

Limbaugh on the Fairness Doctrine

“I, Rush Limbaugh, the poster boy of free speech, am being gang muzzled.” The broadcaster was crying censorship (Limbaugh Letter, 10/93) over congressional efforts in 1993 to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine — which he labeled “The Hush Rush Bill,” “The Get Limbaugh Act” and “The Rush Elimination Act of 1993.” Limbaugh’s daily on-air crusade generated thousands of calls to Washington, and helped derail congressional action. As usual, Limbaugh’s followers were mobilized through misinformation and deception. The Fairness Doctrine–in operation from 1949 until abolished in 1987 by Ronald Reagan’s deregulation-oriented Federal Communications Commission–calls on broadcasters, as a condition of getting their […]

Sep 1 1994

More Inaccuracy and Irrationality From Rush Limbaugh

If You Remember the 60’s…You’re Not Rush Limbaugh LIMBAUGH: “The liberals sit out there and suggest, as Vic Fazio did, that it is the radical right that’s acting in a stealth manner. And the Christians and the religious right are about to take over America. Note that Mr. Fazio probably had no trouble with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King when he entered the political fray. The Democrats had no trouble with the Berrigan brothers during the Vietnam War era, and they were priests. The Democrats had no trouble with Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman entering the political fray and […]

Sep 1 1994

Limbaugh’s Inaccurate Responses to Charges of Inaccuracy

Rush Limbaugh has tried to defend a few of the dozens of inaccuracies FAIR documented in “Limbaugh’s Reign of Error” (Extra!, 7-8/94). Unfortunately, his responses to charges of inaccuracy were filled with the same sorts of inaccuracies that our original report documented. Limbaugh’s most extended response was made on his July 5 radio show, where he took issue with four of FAIR’s 42 items. In a July 14 USA Today column, where he referred to us four separate times as a “far-left media attack-dog group,” Limbaugh defended one other item and repeated his response to another. The other “charges will […]

Jul 1 1994

Koppel Covers for Limbaugh’s Rumor-Mongering

Koppel Covers for Limbaugh’s Rumor-Mongering Ted Koppel’s special (ABC Viewpoint, 4/19/94) on press coverage of Whitewater was a perfect opportunity to take Rush Limbaugh to task for spreading unfounded conspiracy theories. But instead, ABC journalists Koppel and Jeff Greenfield let Limbaugh off the hook. On his March 10 radio broadcast, Limbaugh had announced the following in urgent tones: OK, folks, I think I got enough information here to tell you about the contents of this fax that I got. Brace yourselves. This fax contains information that I have just been told will appear in a newsletter to Morgan Stanley sales […]