Aug 27 2007


Poverty or Pop Star: What's More Newsworthy?

Poverty or Pop Star: What’s More Newsworthy?When Hurricane Katrina devastated poor communities in New Orleans two years ago today, the media pledged to pay attention to the plight of the poor. Can you guess how newsworthy the major TV networks thought poverty was the year Katrina hit, compared to, say, the legal ordeals of millionaire pop star Michael Jackson? Or which of the major three networks aired the most stories on poverty, and which ran the least? Click here to record your guess

Aug 24 2007

Arianna Huffington on Utah mining disaster, Ralph Nader on talk radio payola


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: the six coal miners buried in Crandall Canyon in Utah are presumed dead. With three additional miners killed in the rescue attempt, the question now is whether media will call the story a tragedy and move on, or track responsibility for the disaster, no matter how high it goes. We’ll speak with Arianna Huffington of the blog the Huffington Post about media’s record on the story so far. Also on the show: a potential new payola scandal involving talk radio hosts receiving perks from General Motors, including free use of cars, in exchange for […]

Aug 03 2007

Laila al-Arian on ‘The Other War,’ Ann Toback on broadcast news survey


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: while media watchers and right-wing bloggers went on the attack over a New Republic columnist’s writings about the behavior of U.S. troops in Iraq, an exposé in the Nation magazine has gone relatively unnoticed. The magazine spoke to 50 combat vets about things they had seen—and done—in Iraq; we’ll speak to Laila al-Arian, co-author of the Nation report “The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness.” Also on CounterSpin today: “I must have done ten stories in a day about Britney Spears shaving her head.” That’s just one of the complaints voiced by broadcast journalists […]

May 01 2007

Bono, I Presume?

Covering Africa Through Celebrities

Covering Africa Through Celebrities“Africa is sexy and people need to know that,” declared U2 singer Bono (New York Times, 3/5/07), promoting his new (RED) line of products that propose to save Africa one iPod at a time. Celebrity interest in Africa is not particularly new, but today more stars than ever seem to be converging upon the continent, with television crews seldom far behind. But, as Bono clearly understands, what media tend to find sexy about Africa is not Africa itself, but the stars like himself who have taken up causes in the region. In television news in particular, with […]

Apr 01 2007

Hyping the Venezuela Threat

To NYT, ‘arms spending’ doesn't mean spending on arms

To NYT, ‘arms spending’ doesn’t mean spending on armsA report in the New York Times on Venezuela’s international arms purchases (“Venezuela Spending on Arms Soars to World’s Top Ranks,” 2/25/07) used selective information and an alarmist tone to suggest that Venezuela’s military spending was a potential threat to regional stability. Reporter Simon Romero’s story began: Venezuela’s arms spending has climbed to more than $4 billion in the past two years, transforming the nation into Latin America’s largest weapons buyer and placing it ahead of other major purchasers in international arms markets like Pakistan and Iran. By putting Venezuela in the […]

Dec 05 2006

Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News

Host Glenn Beck threatens Muslims with concentration camps

Host Glenn Beck threatens Muslims with concentration campsThe New York Times (12/4/06), profiling new CNN Headline News host Glenn Beck, called him “brash” and “opinionated,” with an “unfiltered approach.” The conservative talk-radio host-turned-cable news announcer, the paper reported, “take[s] credit for saying what others are feeling but are afraid to say.” The Times mentioned one of the things Beck has said recently, to newly elected U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a Muslim: “Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.” But as press critic Eric Alterman pointed out (Altercation, 12/4/06), as offensive as that question is, […]

Oct 01 2006

More Dangerous Than Anyone Thought

Driving data latest attack on ‘teen brains’

Driving data latest attack on ‘teen brains’Earlier this year, I asked my undergraduate students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, to evaluate a barrage of news stories declaring that “teen drivers are more dangerous than anyone thought” (Paula Zahn Now, 1/18/06) in response to an American Automobile Association study warning that crashes involving 15- to 17-year-old drivers killed 31,000 people over the last decade. Within minutes, the students, ages 19-21, formulated three obvious questions reporters should have asked about the study: (1) Did the teen drivers “involved in” the crashes in the AAA study cause the crashes? (2) Why […]

Oct 01 2006

Memory Unerased

Deep Dish documents the unseen Iraq War

Deep Dish documents the unseen Iraq WarIn the days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as the U.S. military planned a massive aerial bombing campaign on the densely populated city of Baghdad, the Pentagon phrase “Shock and Awe” was repeated with enthusiasm on television, part of the celebration of the power of modern warfare. At the same time, Deep Dish TV was setting in motion a plan to record, illuminate, document and bear witness to what would be left out of the commercial media war frame. They would title the 13-part series of 28-minute programs Shocking and Awful, and the […]