Nov 26 2015

Pentagon Must Be Thankful for the Turkey Washington Post Gave Its Readers

Boy in rubble, Syria

By reporting the civilians killed by the official enemy while concealing those killed by US airstrikes, the Washington Post’s Karen DeYoung is doing unpaid volunteer work as a Pentagon PR agent.

Nov 25 2015

‘They’re Not Americans’: CNN Guest Justifies Massive Attacks on Civilians

Michael Scheuer on CNN

CNN guest Michael Scheuer’s proudly sociopathic views should come as no surprise.

Oct 21 2015

Fox, Daily Beast Stories on Cubans in Syria Lack One Thing: Evidence of Cubans in Syria

Cuban imilitary (photo: Reuters)

A Cuban troop presence in Syria would be a blockbuster story indeed—undermining the easing of tensions between Cuba and the United States. There’s only one problem: The story is looking increasingly bunk.

Sep 30 2015

No ISIS Where Russia Is Bombing–Except Last Week, When ISIS Was Killing Gay Men There?

Alleged ISIS execution--Daily Mail

After Russia bombs what it says are Islamic State sites near Homs in Syria, the New York Times declares, “Homs is not under the control of the Islamic State”–contradicting atrocity stories published just last week.

Sep 29 2015

To NYT, ‘Diplomatic’ and ‘Unilateral’ Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

US military bases in the Middle East (source: Juan Cole)

A New York Times story by Michael Gordon contains a line that sums up corporate media’s spin on the US role in the Syrian conflict.

Sep 20 2015

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government

Free Syrian Army rebels (photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This past week, two pieces—one in the New York Times, another in Vox—didn’t just omit the fact that the CIA has been arming, training and funding Syrian rebels since 2012, they heavily implied they had never done so.

Sep 18 2015

‘Military Intervention in the Middle East Started This Crisis in the First Place’

CounterSpin interview with Raed Jarrar on the refugee crisis

Raed Jarrar

“Claiming that what’s going on now is happening now because of a lack of US military intervention is laughable. I mean, it’s a joke. We have wasted literally trillions of dollars destroying the Middle East so far.”

Sep 18 2015

NYT Plays Up Risks to Bomber Pilots, Downplays the Civilians They Kill

US Navy pilots on an aircraft carrier (photo: Adam Ferguson/NYT)

The New York Times cites a Navy officer’s assurance that US “bombs hit their intended targets almost all of the time.”
If the reporter had quoted monitoring groups, readers would have gotten a very different picture.