May 2 2005

Scarborough Responds to FAIR

On April 29, FAIR issued an action alert pointing out that G. Gordon Liddy, who appeared on a Scarborough Country segment on violent talk radio rhetoric (MSNBC, 4/27/05), had on his own radio show advocated shooting federal agents. FAIR received this response from the show’s host, Joe Scarborough: Just saw your site’s write up on my show with G. Gordon Liddy. I admit that I am shocked that I did not have personal knowledge of Liddy’s statement. I remembered Bill Clinton blaming Liddy for Oklahoma City but obviously did not know the back story. As one who has stayed on […]

Apr 29 2005

Did MSNBC Know Liddy’s History?

Host Once Advocated Killing Government Agents

NOTE: Please see the update to this alert. In an April 27 debate about extreme talk radio rhetoric, MSNBC‘s Scarborough Country turned to an unusual guest: right-wing talker G. Gordon Liddy, who ten years ago called for the killing of federal agents. The purpose of the MSNBC segment was to discuss a skit from Air America‘s Randi Rhodes Show (4/25/05). The pre-recorded segment, about an “American Association of Armed Retired People,” included the sound of gunfire as the “answer” to Bush’s Social Security plans. Both Rhodes and Air America quickly apologized for the skit. “Our normal vetting process failed…. and […]

Apr 1 2003


Extra! Update April 2003

The Disarmament Nightmare Subheads over a March 4 New York Times article: “More Missiles Destroyed; Washington Is Concerned Over Possible Complications for Effort to Disarm Iraq.” Nothing like disarming to complicate disarmament. NBC Nightly News (2/27/03) was even more alarmed about the missile destruction, with Andrea Mitchell reporting: “For the U.S., it’s a nightmare scenario. If Iraq destroys the missiles, it will be much harder to get support for military action.” Spinning Jesus “Both sides of the debate are saying God is on their side. Those who favor peace point to the Pope calling the war immoral, and those who […]

Mar 1 1995

AM Armies

Government "Cleansing"

Tired of easy listening? If you’re in Colorado Springs, you can tune into KVOR, where talkshow host Chuck Baker mimics the sound of a firing pin–“kching-kching”–as he raves against the government and talks to listeners about shooting members of Congress and forming guerilla cells. Baker’s three-hour talk show piggy-backs Rush Limbaugh, forming a solid bloc of conservative talk five days a week. But Baker’s show took a radical turn to the right last summer, when he found that more callers were associated with the “patriot” movement than the Republican Party. “Patriot” is a generic term for an anti-government movement that […]