Mar 01 2013

‘Sparing’ the 98 Percent–by Taxing Them

Media fumble impact of 'fiscal cliff' deal

Source: Citizens for Tax Justice

When congressional Republicans and the White House agreed to their long- awaited “fiscal cliff” tax deal early on January 1, the news media celebrated it as a compromise that raised taxes on the rich while protecting everyone else. As NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell (12/31/12) put it, negotiators had crafted “a genuine compromise on taxes [where] rates would go up for couples earning above $450,000 a year and stay the same for everyone else.” Echoed Nightline’s Terry Moran (ABC, 1/1/13): “This late compromise, it will prevent many of the dreaded effects of the cliff. Only the top 2 percent of Americans […]

Jan 11 2013

Taking Aim at the Elderly

'Fiscal cliff' deal spared the aged, pundits complain


Wealthy pundits didn’t like the outcome of the “fiscal cliff” tax deal– mostly because it didn’t do more to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Jan 04 2013

Bob McIntyre on Tax Deal, Kevin McKinney on Corporate FM


The “fiscal cliff” tax deal is, according to the headlines, a big tax hike for the rich. Bob McIntyre from Citizens for Tax Justice breaks it down. And what happened to local commercial radio? Filmmaker Kevin McKinney takes a look in a new documentary called Corporate FM.

Jul 01 1998

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Local Media Push Public Subsidies for Private Stadiums

The day after voters in King County, Washington, had apparently approved a plan to hike the local sales tax by a tenth of a percent to fund a new ballpark for the Seattle Mariners baseball team (9/20/95), the Seattle Times got right to the point with its banner headline: “Stadium Leads by 4,000 Votes.” A photo showed exultant baseball fans raising their fists in glee at the early returns. As it turned out, the stadium-tax referendum was de­feated by a slim margin. But sta­dium backers needn’t have wor­ried: As has been the case in cities across the country, the Washing­ton […]