Apr 1 2014

Cable Monopoly’s Gain Is Community Media’s Loss

Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger threatens local voices

Stop the Merger

Critics have rightly argued that if the merger is approved, customers will experience less choice and higher cable bills as a result of increasing media monopolization. What tends to fly under the radar in this debate are further dangers that disproportionately impact underserved communities.

Mar 21 2014

Sarah Jaffe on NY Charter Schools, Carla Murphy on FCC Diversity Study


Coverage of the “tug of war” between Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo over charter schools tells us more about political alliances than it does about education. And what’s the real story behind the right’s claim that the White House was planning to send government monitors into newsrooms?

Feb 1 2014

Muzzling Critics—or Building Media Democracy?

Ecuador media law riles US journalists

Jullian Assange interviews President Rafael Correa on World Tomorrow, May 22, 2012.

Ecuador’s media law represents something more complex than an attempt to bully critics. The Organic Communications Law attempts to treat the news media like a public good or service, with regulations intended to benefit citizens. It calls on each outlet to develop a code of ethics, calls for swift correction of errors, and requires national outlets to have ombudsmen to deal with public complaints.

May 1 2012

With a la Carte Cable, Pay for What You Watch

Maybe you don’t want to send Murdoch money every month

Cables (cc photo: Pulpolux)

Why can’t I just pay for the channels I actually want? That idea—usually called a la carte pricing—has been mentioned for years as an easy answer to runaway costs. And given how people tend to consume media, it holds a certain appeal.

Apr 13 2012

Mark Cooper on e-book price fixing; Milton Allimadi on Gil Noble


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The Justice Department has sued Apple and five major book publishers for colluding to fix prices e-book prices, in an attempt to undermine competitor Amazon. What should you know about the suit and its broader implications for, say the music and film industries? We’ll talk to the Consumer Federation of America’ Mark Cooper. Also on the show: Any community icon’s passing leaves a void, but when that person is responsible for arguably the single serious TV program engaging the lives and concerns of African Americans, the loss is magnified. Gil Noble, host and producer […]

Jan 6 2012

Glenn Greenwald on NDAA, Corynne McSherry on SOPA


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: President Obama’s signing of a defense bill including authorization for the indefinite detention of terror suspects–including U.S. citizens– has been condemned by leading civil liberties voices. But the outrage has been somewhat obscured by a general confusion about what the bill means and the president’s intentions. Salon columnist and former constitutional litigator Glenn Greenwald will sort that out for us. Also on CounterSpin today, Big Media companies have lined up to support the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, a bill that its supporters say will finally do something about the problem of online […]

Dec 23 2011

Joe Torres on News for All the People, Amy Alexander on Uncovering Race


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin, a special look at race and people of color in U.S. journalism. Told quickly it’s a story about under representation and exclusion, of bias… and of breakthroughs. And all along, recognition that the stories news media tell us about the world and one another are a tremendous shaping force on the state of racial and ethnic understanding and the advance of social justice. We’ll hear from Joseph Torres of the group Free Press, co-author with Juan Gonzalez of a new book called News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the […]

Dec 16 2011

Jamilah King on the digital divide, John Knefel on OWS arrests


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Few deny anymore that internet access is becoming critical to taking part in political and economic life. So, what does it matter that research shows that higher proportions of African Americans and Latinos than white people are achieving that access through relatively more affordable smartphones rather than home computers? Our guest says unless things are changed, it’s going to matter very much indeed. Jamilah King from Colorlines.com will join us to talk about the ‘new’ digital divide. Also on the show: The epidemic of strong-arm police tactics being applied to Occupy activists and the […]