Jan 21 2015

Obama's SOTU: Not Enough Blood, Sweat or Tears

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank complains that Obama’s State of the Union address didn’t have enough terrorism in it. Why, it only mentioned “terrorism,” “terror” or “terrorists” nine times!

Jan 11 2015

Some European Bloodbaths Are More Interesting Than Others

Face the Nation: Terror in Paris

Why is that Islamist violence is drop-everything fascinating to US corporate media, while a massacre by a right-wing anti-Muslim zealot doesn’t seem to be worth talking about?

Jan 07 2015

Remembering Victims of Terror–and Forgetting Some Others

French newspaper killings is worst terrorist attack in Europe since 2005, CIA insider says

CBS’s “senior security consultant” doesn’t appear to remember a massacre less than four years ago that killed 77 people, mostly teenagers.

Aug 13 2013

Defining Drone Deaths in Yemen

Media present dubious official claims as fact


Media present dubious official claims as factThe United States has reportedly carried out nine drone attacks in the last few weeks in Yemen, generating headlines about the targeting and killing of suspected Al-Qaeda militants in the impoverished country. But how can media know for sure who is being killed? The uptick in attacks is apparently related to the alleged terrorist chatter that prompted the U.S. government to close down embassies and diplomatic offices. To hear the media tell it, the U.S. is striking at terrorist fighters. “An American drone delivers a deadly message to Al-Qaeda,” announced the CBS Evening News […]

Jun 01 2013

‘Terror Returns’–Along With Media Fixations

Boston bombings revive fear of 'Islamic rage'

The Boston bombings came to be understood as a return of 9/11—not in the scope of the attacks or the cost in innocent lives, but as a reminder of a certain type of danger.

May 31 2013

Pardiss Kebriaei on Terror Speech, Bob McChesney on Digital Disconnect

Barack Obama (photo: Chuck Kennedy/White House)

Did Barack Obama’s National Defense University speech signal a sea change in White House terrorism policy? That depended on who was doing the listening. We’ll talk with Pardiss Kebriaei of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

And Bob McChesney talks about his new book Digital Disconnect, and why understanding capitalism is essential to understanding the development of the internet.

May 01 2013

License to Kill

Little scrutiny of resolution that greenlighted 'War on Terror'

Photo Credit: Time

Little scrutiny of resolution that greenlighted ‘War on Terror’Early this spring—in a five-page spread headlined “So, Who Can We Kill?”—Time (4/1/13) reported on pressures putting “Obama and his drone war on the defensive.” Notably, much of the article focused on the Authorization for Use of Military Force that zipped through Congress three days after 9/11. During more than a decade of Washington’s wars, AUMF has rarely undergone scrutiny from major media outlets. Very few mainstream U.S. journalists offered anything but praise when Congress passed the resolution, which declared that the president is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force […]

Apr 26 2013

Beau Grosscup on Defining Terrorism, Hugh Kaufmann on Texas Explosion

The West Fertilizer Co. explosion was the result of poor regulation and safety procedures.  (Photo credit: Reuters / Mike Stone)

This week on CounterSpin: The Boston bombings were labeled as terrorist attacks almost from the start. But what does that label mean, and how is it used? We’ll talk to Cal State University of Chico professor Beau Grosscup about how the term is used—and perhaps misused.

Also on CounterSpin today, much of the town of West, Texas was destroyed in an explosion at the West Fertilizer plant on April 18.Famed EPA whistleblower Hugh Kaufman joins us to critique media portrayals of the disaster as merely a matter of regulatory oversights.