Sep 16 2015

Major Papers Reject the Opt-Out Option


Three papers offered arguments that closely align with the rhetoric of corporate education reform, focusing on the plight of low-income students of color while ignoring the realities of how testing affects such populations.

Sep 4 2015

USA Today Provides a Platform for Anti-Immigration Think Tank’s Flawed Study

USA Today coverage of immigrants and welfare

CIS does not provide a comparison of the cost of welfare going to immigrant and non-immigrant households–presumably because such a comparison would have weakened its anti-immigrant case.

Jul 1 2015

The Mass Surveillance of US Public Continues as USA Today Declares It Ended


A USA Today headline read “NSA Data Collection Ended.” While the headline says that the phone data collection program has ended, the vote the headline is reporting actually restarted it.

Jun 5 2015

The Mass Surveillance of US Public Continues as USA Today Declares It Ended

USA Today: NSA Data Collection Ended

While a USA Today headline declares “NSA Data Collection Ended,” the vote that the headline is referring to didn’t end the NSA phone data collection program; it restarted it.

May 11 2015

After Labour Loses With Austerity, US Media Tell Them to Move to the Right

Ed Miliband (photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

When conservatives win elections, the US press invariably reports that the lesson for liberals is to move to the right. That’s true not only in domestic elections but overseas ones as well–as with last week’s balloting for the British Parliament.

May 5 2015

Calling TPP Foes ‘Simplistic,’ USA Today Simply Gets the Numbers Wrong

USA Today: New Trade Deal Triggers Angry, Fact-Free Uproar

USA Today told readers that unions “who blame trade, and trade agreements, for the decline in manufacturing jobs” have a “simplistic view.” But it’s USA Today, not the unions, who are being simplistic here.

Jan 6 2015

USA Today Makes Sure Rich Don’t Get Blamed for Middle-Class Stagnation

CEPR: Top 1 Percent chart

USA Today boasts that most of its “editorials are coupled with an opposing view–a unique USA Today feature.” So you’re getting both sides, is the implication–when in fact what you’re more likely to get is perception management.

Jan 5 2015

White Man Publishes Book! USA Today Mistakes This for News


Whose story, USA Today’s Michael Wolff wonders, will replace “the dominant culture tale” provided by white men? “The women’s narrative? The anti-one-percent narrative?” As far as I can tell, he’s completely serious.