Jun 05 2015

The Mass Surveillance of US Public Continues as USA Today Declares It Ended

USA Today: NSA Data Collection Ended

While a USA Today headline declares “NSA Data Collection Ended,” the vote that the headline is referring to didn’t end the NSA phone data collection program; it restarted it.

May 11 2015

After Labour Loses With Austerity, US Media Tell Them to Move to the Right

Ed Miliband (photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

When conservatives win elections, the US press invariably reports that the lesson for liberals is to move to the right. That’s true not only in domestic elections but overseas ones as well–as with last week’s balloting for the British Parliament.

May 05 2015

Calling TPP Foes ‘Simplistic,’ USA Today Simply Gets the Numbers Wrong

USA Today: New Trade Deal Triggers Angry, Fact-Free Uproar

USA Today told readers that unions “who blame trade, and trade agreements, for the decline in manufacturing jobs” have a “simplistic view.” But it’s USA Today, not the unions, who are being simplistic here.

Aug 01 2013

SoundBites August 2013

Josh Marshall (cc photo: JD Lasica)

Defining George W. as a Non-Bush Jon Meacham in Time (7/1/13) tried to refurbish the Bush “brand name” in preparation for a possible presidential run by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: Jeb long ago internalized and then lived out his family’s guiding precepts. Bushes move to new parts of the country; they work hard; they learn from their mistakes, particularly from failed campaigns; and they never, ever give up. Of course, almost none of this applies to the most famous Bush, Jeb’s brother George W. He did move from Connecticut to Texas—when he was two years old. But he famously […]

Feb 09 2010

USA Today’s Social Security Scaremongering

Under the headline “Social Security Races to ‘Negative’: Rash of Retirements Push Fund to Brink,” USA Today‘s February 8 front page presented an alarmist view on a story that is regularly misreported in the corporate media (Extra!, 7-8/95, 1-2/05; FAIR Action Alert, 10/19/07). Reporter Richard Wolf leads with this warning: “Social Security’s annual surplus nearly evaporated in 2009 for the first time in 25 years.” But several paragraphs later, readers are told that the program has been “accumulating a $2.5 trillion trust fund”–which certainly sounds less ominous than the headline’s warning about being on a “brink.” And by a “nearly […]

Sep 24 2009

USA Today, AP Mislead on Honduran Coup

This week, ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa–though not to office. Unfortunately, press accounts are still misreporting the story behind his ouster, relying on those who supported the coup to supply the explanation for their actions. Some of the most misleading coverage has appeared in the Associated Press dispatches that have run in USA Today. The paper’s September 22 edition ran this from the AP: The legislature ousted Zelaya after he formed an alliance with leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and tried to alter the nation’s constitution. Zelaya was arrested on orders of the Supreme Court on charges […]

Jan 29 2008

USA Today Responds on Racist Labeling

Paper can't make judgments, editor says

USA Today Reader Editor Brent Jones responded to questions, prompted by a FAIR Action Alert (1/23/08), about the newspaper’s failure to identify a white supremacist group by arguing that doing so would have been an illegitimate “judgment” on the part of the paper. USA Today had run two stories on the Nationalist Movement, a group that marched against civil rights in Jena, La. on Martin Luther King Day, that characterized the group only by its self-description of “pro-majority.” Jones wrote: Your question — why don’t we call the Nationalists racists? — is one I’m sure many people would ask. The […]

Jan 23 2008

White Supremacist Spin at USA Today

USA Today twice (1/16/08; 1/21/08) allowed racist spin to go unchallenged when it identified a white supremacist group that organized a small anti-civil rights rally on Martin Luther King Day only as a “white ‘pro-majority’ group.” The Nationalist Movement mustered about 30-50 people in Jena to protest both King Day and the 20,000-strong protest held in September in support of civil rights. Other news organizations that reported on the Nationalist Movement’s January 21 demonstration accurately identified the Nationalist Movement as a white supremacist group. An Associated Press Online article (1/22/08), published under the headline “White Supremacist Protest in Jena, La.,” […]