Feb 20 2009

WNET Responds on Worldfocus’ Conflict of Interest

Public broadcaster WNET has responded to FAIR’s Action Alert (2/10/09), “Worldfocus, Brought to You by Economic Fearmongers.” WNET CEO and director Neal Shapiro wrote (2/12/09) in an email to FAIR activists, “While the Peter G. Peterson Foundation has a well-known interest in the issues of Social Security and health care, FAIR’s suggestion that ‘Worldfocus‘ will be producing reports promoting the foundation’s point of view is false.” Shapiro added, “The foundation’s interest in ‘Worldfocus‘ stems from the fact that the newscast has been looking at these critical issues in the context of its in-depth world coverage.” Shapiro’s response seems to miss […]

Feb 10 2009

Worldfocus, Brought to You by Economic Fearmongers

Public TV show takes funding from anti-Social Security foundation

The public television show Worldfocus recently received a $1 million dollar grant to produce “reports examining how other countries have dealt with the challenges facing the United States, like healthcare and Social Security” (New York Times, 2/3/09) from a foundation with a track record of misinformation and fearmongering on these very issues. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation and its founder, Pete Peterson, have long played a critical role (Extra!, 3-4/97) in promoting the myths that Social Security is on the verge of bankruptcy (Extra!, 7-8/95, 1-2/05) and that universal healthcare is unaffordable. The foundation was a major backer of IOUSA, […]