Senior Media Analyst and Co-producer of CounterSpin Steve Rendall is FAIR's senior analyst. He is co-host of CounterSpin, FAIR's national radio show. His work has received awards from Project Censored, and has won the praise of noted journalists such as Les Payne, Molly Ivins and Garry Wills. He is co-author of The Way Things Aren't: Rush Limbaugh's Reign of Error (The New Press, 1995, New York City). Rendall has appeared on dozens of national television and radio shows, including appearances on CNN, C-SPAN, CNBC, MTV and Fox Morning News. He was the subject of a profile in the New York Times (5/19/96), and has been quoted on issues of media and politics in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and New York Times. Rendall contributed stories to the International Herald Tribune from France, Spain and North Africa; worked as a freelance writer in San Francisco; and worked as an archivist collecting historical material on the Spanish Civil War and the volunteers who fought in it. Rendall studied philosophy and chemistry at San Francisco State University, the College of Notre Dame and UC Berkeley.


My Joe Franklin Memory

Joe Franklin

Steve Rendall met New York City TV legend Joe Franklin, who died this weekend at the age of 88, under very special circumstances.


‘Clipboard Man’ Shows Media Figures Didn’t Get the Memo About Ebola Transmission

Nurse Amber Vinson being evacuated from Texas to be treated for Ebola. (REUTERS/NBC5-KXAS)

The story of “Clipboard Man” created a panicky sensation on Wednesday, and shined a light on the media’s failure to inform us about the danger Ebola actually poses to the average American.


All They Will Call You Will Be Detainees

Homicides per 100,000 People, Central America (Vox)

One of corporate journalism’s bad habits is framing international stories on the premise that news is what happens to the US. There is no better recent example of this than the story of tens of thousands of children fleeing Central America.


Highly Placed Media Racists

Nicholas Wade

Nicholas Wade was a leading New York Times science writer for three decades. He left the paper weeks after the May publication of his book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, a book many reviewers say is a full-throated defense of “scientific racism.”


Racism in Politics Too Often Goes Unreported

John Huppenthal

National GOP and Tea Party groups descending on Mississippi to scrutinize black voters seems like a pretty big story–but it also provides a confirmation of the charge that the GOP has a serious problem with racism.


Fox Covers Up a Benghazi Story

Ahmed Abu Khattala

Fox News won’t mention the significant evidence that the Internet video was behind the attacks because it is so deeply invested in the story of a White House conspiracy, and it’s too late to change the script.


When Is Terrorism Not Terrorism?


Coverage of Las Vegas murders mostly failed to call the crimes ‘terrorism,’ despite the alleged killers leaving behind a note that said, “The revolution is beginning,” and a Revolutionary-era “Don’t Tread on Me” flag closely associated with both the Patriot and Tea Party movement. The couple, both white, were also associated with far-right causes and had expressed extreme hostility toward authorities.


This Just In: US Ruled by the Rich

The Western Brothers, by John Singleton Copley

The same well-heeled elites and their representatives who dominate US politics and policy are also grossly over-represented among the owners of US corporate media.


Has Everyone Without an Honorary Degree From Brandeis Been Censored?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (cc photo: Rocco Ancora)

In a USA Today op-ed, Fox News liberal Kirsten Powers weighs in on Brandeis University’s decision to rescind its offer to honor the anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali during commencement activities.


Will Twisted History of Georgian War Facilitate a Repetition?

Russian peacekeeping barracks in Ossetia, 2008 (cc photo: Dmitrij Steshin/Wikimedia)

In reporting and commentary on Ukraine, the 2008 Russo-Georgian War provides a handy anti-Russian talking point…if you leave out half the story.


Being O’Reilly Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Bill O'Reilly slurs the left.

It tells you a lot about our media and society that no one even expects O’Reilly to apologize for his slur of the left.


Domestic Terror Story Gets Media Cold Shoulder–Guess Why

Glendon Scott Crawford in the Albany Times-Union

It’s hard not to think back on previous undercovered terrorism stories and conclude that if suspects in this story were Muslims, and their alleged targets Christians or Jews, it would have dominated our media world for the past several months.


Beck: Media Shocked to Find He Isn’t ‘Anti-Gay, Racist Nutjob’

Glenn Beck (cc photo: Gage Skidmore

“I played a role…in helping tear the country apart,” Glenn Beck says. Indeed–not just from his time at Fox, but from years of talk radio broadcasts, and a stint at CNN’s Headline News–not to mention his work at his current outlet, The Blaze.