May 9 2014

Dahlia Lithwick on Clayton Lockett, David Sirota on Journalists’ Survey

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botched-executionThis week on CounterSpin: When the state of Oklahoma screwed up the execution by lethal injection of death-row inmate Clayton Lockett, most of the attention went to the ghoulish spectacle of his protracted death. But there’s much more to the story of what led up to Lockett’s death. Dahlia Lithwick writes about courts and the law for Slate. She joins us to talk about that.

indiana-surveyAlso on the show: A new journalist survey from the University of Indiana suggests that in the age of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks, many journalists are becoming more reluctant to tell government and corporate secrets. Is this an effect the the US war on journalism and whistleblowers? We’ll talk with journalist David Sirota, who has written about all this for Pando Daily.


–“When the Death Penalty Turns Into Torture,” by Dahlia Lithwick (Slate, 4/30/14)

–“Four in 10 Journalists Do Not Support Using ‘Confidential Business or Government Documents Without Authorization,” by David Sirota (Pando Daily, 5/7/14)