Jul 18 2014

David Alexander Bullock on Detroit Water, Ralph Nader on Export-Import Bank

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Photo: Detroit Water Brigade)

This week on CounterSpin: The UN says water is a human right, and if people are unable to pay, shutting off their water is a human rights violation. That puts the city of Detroit on the wrong side of international law, as well as human decency, with shut-offs affecting thousands of city residents. But the water shut-offs are only the latest attack on the poor and public resources in Detroit. We’ll hear from an area activist, Pastor David Alexander Bullock. unstoppable-large

Also this week: Something called the Export-Import Bank started getting some press once Tea Party activists and Republican lawmakers started criticizing it as corporate welfare. Pundits say the critics don’t know what they’re talking about and could threaten American jobs. But our guest, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, thinks the bank deserves some scrutiny—and that it’s an issue that resonates beyond the Tea Party right.



Detroit Water Brigade 

Ralph Nader